A disruptive business model

This might make you some money or it might not.

I recently discovered a company that has a focus on a favorite topic of mine: wealth. It also conforms to an exponential growth business as I discussed in my last blog.

So many of us need more information as to how to build wealth, how to improve our lifestyles and live an inspired, fulfilling life. I recently read a blog where the writer asked; “Why is it that many of us need to reach rock bottom before we are sufficiently motivated to make some significant changes in life and turn things around?”

We are also challenged with the $75,000 sweet spot between income and happiness. A study in the US showed that we are generally unsatisfied with our income and more likely to be unhappy until we get to $75K p.a. After this point, we are sufficiently satisfied with life and are earning enough to entertain ourselves with things and experiences to lose the urge to really change our financial strategies.

Entrepreneurs tend to be those rare individuals who chase a vision and for whom the sweet spot has little to no meaning. They just want to go on the journey.

The company that I have found help with the background information on wealth building and maintenance. They are essentially like a private club on a membership drive to find and help other entrepreneurs.


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The way to make a billion dollars is to help a billion people

This blog is about Moonshot thinking. It is about the mindset you need to have in order to do something in your life that changes the world (for the better that is).

Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler in their book Bold, write about exponential enterprises. They talk about mining asteroids, 3-D printers in space (on the International Space Station) and the kind of thinking that started Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, freelancer.com, Uber, Airbnb, Virgin (insert any of Richard’s 300 businesses here) and so many others.

They describe 6 characteristics of exponential enterprises but before I delve deeper here, let me use one of the examples in Bold to describe the concept of exponential change. I also highly recommend that you invest the time in watching The most important video you’ll ever see. Set aside an hour and 10 and watch all 8 videos. I have. Three times now and I’ll definitely watch them again.

What I am excited about is the difference between linear change and exponential change.

Let me explain: If you take 30 steps, 1 metre apart, you’ll end up 30m away from your starting point. If you start from your front door, you’ll end up across the street. But take 30 exponential steps and you will have covered the distance to circle the planet at the equator, 13.4 times!!!

If you are considering a business for yourself, why not plan for a Moonshot rather than something that you build bit by bit. Sure. Incremental change can be compounded and 3 improvements you make of 10% each can be a 30% improvement overall. But thinking exponentially, you design systems and you develop concepts that must embrace radical ideas so that 10 times growth or more is not impossible but probable.

Here are Peter’s and Steve’s 6 Ds and how I see them relating to my world-changing project, OzLIFE which is taking a moonshot at boosting your personal finances, addressing time demands that constrain you and supporting your nutrition delivering health and well being:


1. OzLife will use the Internet as product support where replicated websites will not market OzLife, the company but the benefits to visitors of what I describe as the Antidote to Modern Food (and Life).
2. A distributor resource system with a state of the art back office including a fully functional, social networking platform, business tools, communication suite, all geared for on-selling to prospective entrepreneurs and freedom seekers.
3. Industry-leading training which dispels the myths of network marketing and challenges the reported industry statistics of a 95% failure rate of start ups. This on-line training embraces a series of videos, audios and written support material that guides, mentors and edifies a process that is rejection-free, does not pressure or embarrass and has a high probability of success.
4. The OzLife system will be easy to roll out globally, initially to English speaking countries but then using the digital power of Google Translate, to make the business and the product available to all. The product may even change in formulation to suit available ingredients with wild foods from the Americas, Africa and Asia adding to the Australian collection.


Tackling health head-on using the ancient food resources of the world’s longest living culture and wholistically addressing the principle challenges to our on-going health and well -being is disruptive. Medical diagnoses only define a disease when enough symptoms appear to actually label the condition. Treatment is symptomatic and generally relies on synthetic pharmaceuticals with a broad range of effects, many which can range from inconvenient to debilitating to lethal. (There’s that old joke; The treatment was a complete success but the patient died.) It is a linear approach: collective symptoms, defined disease, treatment of symptoms, hope that Nature heals the condition rapidly or eventually.

The exponential approach is far more powerful: Understand that disease is a progressive advance of small changes in cellular biochemistry with metaflammation (metabolic inflammation) at its core. Biochemicals such as Advanced Glycation End-products are  implicated as are enzymic modifications, toxins and a lack of essential micro-nutrients that fix them all.

Wild foods are the predominant way to address cellular, tissue, organ and system-wide reactions to environmental and consumed chemicals; poor quality foods; physical and mental stress; oxidative stress; too little or too much exercise or sleep; genetic pre-disposition; and more. Micro-nutrients delivered as Nature intended (in whole food form) are proving themselves essential for us to slow and even reverse the effects of ageing, control metaflammation and significantly and naturally extend our lifespan far beyond the 80.4 years for males and 84.1 years for females today. And these extra years will be vital ones as there is no purpose to a life in pain, demented or incapacitated.


OzLife will slip under the radar for some time yet. Conventional medicine is being challenged by other sciences such as nanotechnology, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, epigenetics, lifestyle medicine, metaflammation and more and yet wild foods have the power of 60,000 years of human trials proving their value to our on-going health.

Additionally, linear thinking and conventional business models are where product > production > marketing > promotions > rinse and repeat strategies are combined with advertising and high levels of wasted expenditure trying to find a sales cycle to match a market which fuels incremental growth. It is like a wheelbarrow in that if you do not keep pushing, it stops.

In contrast, the OzLife affiliate distribution model is targeted at exponential growth. One customer declares their desire to take the ‘Hero’s Journey’ to improve their health, wealth and free time and embrace the best life has to offer. They understand that the system is a 3-deep pattern of 1. learn by being shown and guided 2. Teach another to learn in the same way and while being taught to teach and 3. Teach their network to teach others fortifying the support structures while replicating the same 3-deep pattern to highly leverage time, money and effort and facilitate exponential growth. The idea is to teach others to train to teach and build their businesses without you.

OzLife competitors such as the makers of multi-vitamin supplements will not even suspect our advancing intent to put them out of business. Franchise business models where significant investments are made to establish an on-going return become uncompetitive with a method where to start has an insignificant cost with every business partner being highly motivated to succeed


Supplement companies, the disease-care industry, franchise offers, conventional bricks and mortar businesses become irrelevant. OzLife consumers learn to get their own consumable product at no cost to themselves and become a walking testimonial to a quality lifestyle, health and vitality. Word of mouth becomes the free advertising of tomorrow. Getting support is free in OzLife. Access to the process technologies comes at minimal to zero cost. Travel and lifestyle expenses become tax-deductible because this business can be run from where, when, with whom and even if you choose. Do things right once and you get paid over and over and recurring income becomes predictable as lifestyle choices also rise and costs become inconsequential.


Synthetic supplements and many pharmaceuticals may disappear. Many franchises will have less appeal. Some business support industries eg advertising agencies may also fail in time.


There are no limits to who can get involved and new industries will arise. Environmentally sustainable production of target species of wild foods will become established in ways that are far superior to modern agricultural practices that turn fuel into food. Indigenous people will reclaim their cultures should they choose or at least be valued for traditional knowledge and contributions to the preservation of resources we can still access. Mankind has the opportunity to embrace long term, eco-centric philosophies and survive the Anthropocene rather than ego-centric ones which have led to over-population, global warming, loss of biodiversity and massive environmental degradation. There may be lessons from OzLife that will influence agriculture of other foods as well as business models and the quality of life for a majority of us growing older as a population. We just might have the chance to have Homo sapiens earn the Latin meaning of their binomial name of ‘wise man’.

The offer:

Join me in this moonshot adventure and let’s see how much we can change the world.

Leave me your phone number in the Comment section below (I will not publish the number so your privacy is tight) and I’ll call to discuss how you can get involved.

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Are You Working Your Plan?

Inertia. Procrastination. Over-whelm. Excuses.

These are common emotions for all of us but you can choose to be a leader or a follower.

Leaders get over negative emotions and an easy way to do this is to be pro-active in your business. Allocate set times to work on your business. Sure. Some of this time can be self-education where you up-skill yourself in areas that are needed to improve your abilities to achieve. This might be to gain the business acumen to guarantee success.

I am in Rich Schefren’s coaching group and highly recommend it as a way to gain the skills necessary to run an on-line business and also to grow it to suit your goals. Check it out at this site.

What have I learned?

The usual business strategy looks at a SWOT analysis where you evaluate an overall security position. This may be fine for a bricks and mortar business in some cases but doesn’t gel for virtual ones. Even for say, a restaurant, you might see that a street of other eateries is a threat and opportunities are limited by competition whereas there are many Eat Streets that harbor a host of very successful outlets that attract diners simply because they have choice.

In my small suburban strip there used to only be a hamburger joint and a Chinese restaurant focusing on take-away meals.

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Inviting People to Help Themselves

I can never say enough about inviting others to take a look at your primary business opportunity.

Remembering that you are looking for a highly motivated team of like-minded people, it makes sense to choose wisely. Don’t ask the wood ducks and decoys. Don’t ask the depressed nay-sayers and negative people. Don’t ask the desperate and dateless or the long-term unemployed. I don’t mind people who have jumped from job to job repeatedly but I do want to know why, although their personality will provide clues as to whether they are actively advancing through better and better positions or are instigating conflict and being forced to move on.

The people for whom I am looking can be defined accurately and with lots of detail. For example. I look for passionate people with a zest for life. They are innately happy or at least optimistic even if challenged by life’s hard times, I’d prefer a positive personality over an introverted, negative type who blames everyone, everything and the world in general for their misfortune.

Some of the values of those with whom I want to work are persistent, open, determined, positive, action-oriented, TV-phobic (well sort of – they can’t be addicted to just mentally switching off in front of the idiot box for hours at a time). I even place those people passionate over spectator sports in the too hard basket unless they have already made lots of money and are a success.

I look for those with good to great communication skills yet are a better listener than a talker. They should value freedom, personal interactions, independence and helping others.

They must be open to new ideas and be coachable and willing to follow procedures even applying them to their own time management and systems development.

And I look for busy people who appear to get lots done, may even enjoy some financial success but be challenged with a lack of free time. Life might be good as measured by the trinkets and toys but not in the quality time that we need in order to have no regrets on our deathbed. Life is about experiences shared with those close to us, not just monetary gains from a 24/7 expenditure of effort.

Research into psychology of motivation also tells us that we need to find people who are below the $70,000 annual income mark. Below this, people are motivated to improve their lives. Above it, we relax and coast more. Most of us lose the passion for success unless we tend to the entrepreneurial mold and achieving a particular outcome is more important than money. These people are more often visionaries who would do what they do even if they earned nothing from it at all.

Inviting people to investigate your primary opportunity is the primary skill needed to succeed in network marketing. Invest your time int he free skills on offer from the World’s Laziest Networker and I could not recommend Mark Januszewski more highly. I also suggest you read this related article on what not to do.

Having an effective system to take those you invite on a tour is the second most important step and I’ll address this process in another blog …

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Something old, something new

Hold the phone. Hang on a bit. As Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a’changing”.

I am in the process of moving my unique nutritional product to a new MLM home and at the same time I have been immersed in the business skills and mindset of Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and Mark Januszewski.

Firstly, my product is being prepared for the network marketing distribution platform with some new ingredients and potency so watch out for more on solving our modern nutritional challenges.

But the training I’ve been through. What an eye-opener.

Would it be OK if I told you more? Mark J has 3 rules for his business:

  1. What you do can’t pressure or embarrass
  2. It has to be rejection free and
  3. It has to work and work efficiently

How is that for a switch in the MLM industry?

Forget about pushy sales methods, hard closing, NLP manipulations and badgering people. Forget about collecting ‘NOs’ or just doing the numbers. It is not a matter of finding the right people or having ‘posture’ and arrogantly presenting a pitch trying to find leaders. As Tom says; “No theory, just facts that work.”

Mark’s methods are elegant and strategic, intelligent and considered. He stresses that like most endeavors, businesses, trades or training, network marketing is a skills based business. He says, “Systems don’t duplicate, people using skills and applying themselves as trainers who teach training are what duplicates.” Mark states the obvious in saying that McDonald’s systems don’t create more McDonald’s systems. They train people to apply themselves and teach managers to train staff how to provide a consistent product (I’m not calling it food you notice). The servers then train others as they move on to become managers themselves and some actually become store owners over time.

And there are other concepts that Mark and Tom cover. We are all challenged by information over-load, too many advertising messages which have been estimated to total around 30,000 impressions a day! Little wonder our subconscious mind arms us with powerful sales filters to protect ourselves, not just from the scammers, con men and snake oil pitchmen but from simple burn-out from too much data input. Look around the space in which you are sitting now and just observe the brands and logos within your sight. There’s the brand on your monitor, heaps on your screen, your smartphone, the pen you make notes with is probably labeled … there will probably be dozens.

So how do we get around the sales filters? Mark and Tom have skills for that.

I just found out that the beauty of this skills-based teaching is that simple processes take the work out of networking and make the whole process a lot of fun. And shouldn’t life be fun? I have also been reading Orison Swett Marden’s Joy of Living which I highly recommend. His writings can be summarized in one of Mark Twain’s classic lines: The way you live your days is the way you live your life. Think on that for a while.

Anyway. I will introduce more of Mark J’s and Tom’s trainings in future blogs. Meanwhile, you might like to invest in my Crowd Funding offer. Have a look and let me know.

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Smart entrepreneurs have skills, a strategy and a system

Everybody knows that it is worth regularly analyzing your part-time, home based business, your skill set and the systems that you use to build a growing, residual income.

Isn’t it interesting that people will say; I would love to …(add in your choice of work) … but I just don’t have the skills eg I’d love to write apps but I just don’t have the skills or I would love to speak a new langauge but I don’t have the skill. But then they think that they can run a successful home business without the necessary skills or do it with out-dated, hard selling techniques that died with the foot-in-the-door insurance or encyclopedia salesmen.

Some people think that if they dive into the negatives of the economy; the global financial crisis; the unemployment rate; the competition for work; etc they can expect prospects to be all positive about their choice to join up. It doesn’t happen. You need skills to get through the sales filters we all have developed as mental insulation. You need skills to get prospects to ask for a presentation. And you need skills to train your growing team to replicate your methods.

But before I go on, let me tell you what happened to me: People often ask me, do I lead with the product or the business?

However, anyone who has been exposed to the best strategy in network marketing knows, you do not do either. They take an entirely different path and I’d like to explore this here as I believe that this is the best way to build your network marketing team. Let me know what you think at the end of the article.

There’s an old saying …… you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But I don’t believe this at all. I’m living proof. Recently I discovered a whole new way of thinking about network marketing which brought together my interests in direct sales, NLP, persuasion, influence and personal development.

You see I recently found Mark Januszuewski (aka Mark J) and his unique approach to communication. He pointed out that most people want more money, more free time and better health. Don’t you? Sure. Some people are OK with living a life of quiet desperation. You know the type. They just go to work at an uninspiring job, come home and watch TV or surf the Internet and they do little to nothing to improve their own lives or those of their family.

Most people are curious when they discover how to easily make a few hundred dollars every month from a part time business. Some get excited when they learn how to make a thousand dollars extra each month and they start imagining paying off their bills, taking vacations more often and getting healthy because life means so much more when we are charged with energy, a solid plan and defined outcomes.

Everybody knows that we are inundated with over 30,000 sales messages a day from TV, radio, billboards, spam, on-line ads, cellphone ads and more. As a result, we build very effective sales filters to protect our sanity. How long does it take you to hang up the phone when you get a call at dinner time from someone in a developing country trying to be a telemarketer? 7 seconds? 3? I know I’m really fast. All it takes is “How are you today?” and they are gone.

We rely on our Reticular Activating System (RAS) in our brains to notice only what we want to see more of. If we want a new car we might zero in on car ads. If we are looking to buy a new washing machine, ads for retailers or specific white goods will be more noticeable to us.

From Mark J I learned to use the RAS and to employ new skills to get past those sales filters.

Most people talk about 3 things; their lack of money, the tough times we are living in and their challenges day to day. It’s usually the negative stuff that bogs them down and leaves them in that dark, miserable place.

So I now engage people in their troubles. I find out what bothers them most, I make them feel their pain, even to picture it continuing on and on. Then I lead them to a scenario where their problems are gone, life is fantastic and their future is amazing. Then I use the tools that I have learned to get them there using my dual network marketing opportunity (more on this in another blog).

This greatly expands my range of potential partners in my business. The system is also rejection-free, doesn’t embarrass or pressure and has a high probability of success. (Mark’s 3 rules of networking).

I also scope their expectations.

While it’s true that I am paid for the volume of sales going through my business each month, it takes time to build substantial commissions from any compensation plan. With the typical MLM you need four to five hundred people buying or joining every month to provide a few thousand dollars in commissions.

What you need to boost your income from your network is continuing growth and the bonuses that come from your team moving through the ranks.

Mark J has systems for this too.

One thing I’d like to share here is a gem that dropped out of one of Mark’s webinars recently.

The reason for the inactivity of distributors in your team is their INTEGRITY. They don’t do anything because they subconsciously understand that they just lack the skills to enroll and help other people succeed in their intended business.


Isn’t that just totally right?

Let me share the skills and the system that I learned from Mark (and Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter). I will be including more gems from them on this site (subscribe from the Home page if what I have written so far strikes a chord with you).

My new nutritional product called LIFE is also about to launch so I urge you to join me in promoting the way to change your life through network marketing. Remember, we have been network marketing since we were 5 or 6 years old when we recommended things, people, places and experiences we enjoy to others. You are eminently qualified and just need a few skills to make the financial side of the business easy.

Join up to The OzLIFE Network and work with me, hand-on as I guide and mentor you in how to direct your efforts and achieve your goals. I invite you to check it out.

If you really want to transform your life, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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The real cost of an education

Here’s something interesting from Big Al’s training:

You might be talking to a prospect about starting their own business as a way for them to achieve their stated goals in life.

In Australia we spend a few years in Infant school, 6 years in Primary School, another 6 in public or private High Schooling and then 4 years if we go on to University or College (TAFE). That’s a total of 18 years with the last 10 at a substantial cost, depending on the school and course we choose.

Here’s the facts from the government website, http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/global/australian-education/education-costs

Education costs in Australia

The costs of studying in Australia depend on the institution and the level of study you choose.

There may be additional costs for your course, including course materials and access to institution facilities.

The list below gives you an indication of the range of course costs for different types of qualifications.

  • School – $7,800 to $30,000
  • English language studies – Around $300 per week depending on course length
  • Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) – $4,000 to $22,000
  • Undergraduate Bachelor Degree – $15,000 to $33,000*
  • Postgraduate Masters Degree – $20,000 to $37,000*
  • Doctoral Degree – $14,000 to $37,000*

* Note: This does not include high value courses such as veterinary and medical. Please visit institution websites directly to see costs for these courses.

All costs are per year in Australian dollars.

So the financial commitment could be up to $180,000 for 6 years in a private school and another $120,000 for a Bachelor Degree course or $300,000 and 18 years to learn enough to go to work for someone else.

Not a single lesson on the real needs in life or on how to become successful. As Zig Ziglar said: “If they offered Wealth 1 and Wealth 2 in school, I’d have taken them both.”

That’s $300,000 and 18 years and you get a life sentence of hard labour as an employee for 45 years to retirement (if that happens).

Why not invest a few hundred dollars now and just 90 days of your time to see if we can start you in your own business and on the road to the success you can only dream about now?

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Limiting beliefs – find a way or find an excuse

This blog is about network marketing but whereas I usually do not mention my primary opportunity I will make reference to it here:

You might guess that while I am passionate about our Kakadu business, I see huge value in the Network Marketing industry as a distribution model and a way for us ordinary folk to make a decent income.

However, some people have limiting beliefs and they convince themselves that making money is not right or that a business is something they couldn’t run. Or that they could never recommend a product or a business to the people they care about or who they know well.

Their decision NOT to invest in themselves and to change their thinking and make a real difference in the world can be extremely expensive.

But if you have an open mind

If you want to know how to have a great life and help others to as well.

Please read on.

Firstly, can I refer you to two excellent videos (they are only short – I know, time is money)? They are by Tim Sales who I greatly admire as a network marketer. They address two limiting beliefs that some people have about our industry and which might be objections you have had thrown at you if you’ve tried to ‘pitch’ Kakadu (or any product or service) to others. I say pitch because this is what most newbies to network marketing do rather than discovering what people need and simply presenting your possible solution. But more on this later.

Tim Sales asks the question, Do Most People Fail in MLM? I love his succinct analysis and comparisons. This is right on the mark.

Then there’s another video from Tim, MLM: Who’s Getting Rich and Who’s Not.

So why do I like Network Marketing as a vehicle to wealth?

Simply, it’s the leverage that builds on your expertise, your money and time.

Let me ask you, would you prefer to take $100,000 now or choose to be paid 1 cent (if we still had them that is) today, 2 cents tomorrow and doubling like this every day for 30 days?

The doubling cent would look something like this:


So you see that a mere cent can turn into real money in just a single month
through the power of exponential growth. It is also what our business opportunity
is all about and we get there through leverage.

In our opportunity, we enlist other people who have the self interest in making sure that the doubling or duplication happens.

It is not cents we deal in but people who are motivated to improve their health
AND their wealth
. If you found just five people and showed them how to also find
five people each, do you see the application of the exponential growth and leverage that’s possible?

‘Inertia’ is a physics term that basically means that a body is predisposed to REMAIN in the state that it’s in. If a body is STATIONARY, it does not want to move. If it’s in MOTION, it wants to continue in motion in the DIRECTION it’s traveling…

Therein lies the dilemma.

I just read an awesome quote: If making a change is important to you, you will find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.

Making change or disrupting inertia is the hardest part but once it happens, it gets EASIER AND EASIER.

But… and there is always a but… Without the first ‘push’ nothing happens.

Did you know that a rocket uses 80% of its fuel just to take off?

It is the same with our business. You need to get the skills to help others to get the skills to leverage your passion to get results. You need to teach others to make taking their Kakadu a daily habit. And you need to build a team which goes out to build their teams to drive product through your business.

And the best part of this business is that it can be a lot of fun. I really enjoy the 3-way calls where my team members arrange a caller for me to talk to and they listen in. I love to teach by example. They call or email me and I build their business while training them to do the same.

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The perfect time for network marketing is now

Well we made it.

A New Year with all it promises. I hope that Santa brought you what you most wanted and that you are now ready to embrace your network marketing opportunity and change your life financially, health-wise and with the aim of having more free time and a life well lived.

While my blog is generally aimed at any network marketing opportunity, this entry is a call to those readers or visitors who may be looking for a new part-time business for themselves. Sure, if you are already in an MLM that suits you and your style then fine. I hope that you’ll still get something from what I write.

I’d like to have you contemplate your life from this point on and I’ll use the example as it is relevant to those people living in Australia or North America but even Europe could be included. Our circumstances are similar at this time.

Fiscal cliffs, falling home prices and equity values, recessionary trends or slow economic growth – all mean tougher times for 2013. But what’s really at stake here?

Most of us live life a day at a time and we take our future for granted. It’s sort of an open-ended deal so wasting an hour or a day or a weekend doesn’t seem to matter. Or does it?

Consider the following table which assumes a life expectancy of 80 for males and 85 for females (as a regular consumer of the product of my primary opportunity, you’d have to expect more than the statistical morbidity). These are the figures for Australia and they would be around 3% less for Americans who die earlier due to their poorer nutrition.

30 year olds 40 year olds 50 year olds 60 year olds 70 year olds
Males 2600 2080 1560 1040 520
Females 2860 2340 1820 1300 780

These are the number of weekends that you can expect to have left in your life, foregoing accidents.

Chillingly finite, aren’t they?

Can you afford to waste even one? Doesn’t this make the days of your life more important, more valuable?

What do you wish to achieve before your time is up? What difference will you make and what legacy will you leave?

Think of your unique skills, experience, knowledge and how others can benefit from your communication of these? It is often said that a major consequence of Network Marketing is the personal development that happens as a result of setting up a business under the guidance of those who have done it before. Growing your business means focus, clarity and persistence to your desired goals. Achieving financial and time freedom is more than just doing it. It relies on learned skills, which while simple, are essential and their application in a consistent, methodical and strategic way can quite quickly lead to your preferred outcome. (Ray Higdon blogs about his 6-7 months of massive effort finally grossing his first $40,000 month income – see http://www.rayhigdon.com).

Now it is a matter for you to set the importance of this task. Many people tip-toe from birth to death with almost no ripple on the fabric of human existence apart from their consumption of our limited resources. Think of the value of life in countries where the population is in the billions. Think of the people who have come and gone and who we’ll never know or even appreciate for their contribution. Obviously, the poorer these people, the less we can expect to know of them. There’s a mass of humanity that’s born, lives, loves and dies with not even a whimper let alone a bang (thanks TS Eliot).

In the West, we tend to hope that we can make a difference. We must or life is less lived. You can choose from this point on, just how you will impact the future of humankind. The more significant your impact, the more the imperative to start and the higher your personal goals need to be. Perhaps your New Year plans need to focus on your ideas of this personal outcome. For what will your family name be remembered?

I’m sure you appreciate that there will be a sacrifice to be made on your part. Nothing great has ever come without effort. You will need to acquire those skills I mentioned, build your power to positively and honorably influence others and generate the drive to achieve your goals of financial and time freedom. With these outcomes, we are far more able to make a difference in the world so isn’t it almost our duty to get there? Network marketing can be the conduit to these results.

Can I depend on your commitment?

Sure. I know some of my team are just taking our product for their health. But are we not charged with at least sharing our experiences and the benefits we have received from knowing about and taking our unique formulation regularly? You may not want to build a business and that’s fine too. But how about passing on leads to your upline so that the net value of our product to the world is better realized?

Our health as an enterprise depends on reaching out to a growing number of people who gain from our product. We help those people directly and also help our suppliers and you, our distributors who are core to the structure.

Will you help our cause in 2013?

Pass on contacts. Build your circle of influence. Grow your network. This is a way to make a difference. You are significant. And we need your help.

If you want more information or to get started, please email me and I’ll help you all the way.

Also, if you are already working your business and need to generate leads, I have found a very successful way to do this on-line. Have a look at this site and take the tour. It will be the best investment of your time ever. After watching this 29 minute movie you will understand the truth about HOW the top earners in our industry are pulling in 6, multi-6 and even 7-figures per year with a simple blueprint because of ONE simple equation …

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Connecting in Network Marketing

With another year done and dusted perhaps it is a good time to look back on our achievements and plan for a better 2013 than last year. Even if you have just lived through an awesome year. We are programmed to move forward, to improve and to set goals (however effective they may be).

In this blog, I’d like to consider how we communicate and connect with others. Networking is all about building relationships and learning the skills to create solid connections is very much worth doing as a prelude to the New Year.

Neurons form the basis of our beliefsEverything we have done to this stage in our lives has ‘trained’ our brains in some way.

Think of any habits and beliefs you may have and facts you ‘know’. These are the result of past information merging with your personal experiences and the creation of neural pathways in your brain. Repeated thoughts and learnings establish patterns that can save you the energy required when we assimilate new information. The adaptive benefit of established modes of thinking and acting is that the brain uses more energy when it is actively thinking and learning new things (or when it is under stress) than when you operate by routine or without thinking. Basically, habitual thinking, instinctive reactions and your learned belief system is imprinted on your physical brain architecture and this is a means of conserving energy and allowing you to react more quickly.

May I digress briefly here and mention that a high nutritional intake of minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories (as in Kakadu Complex®) supports the integrity of your brain architecture and is important in avoiding mental diseases in old age, including senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Back to my blog…

What this means to entrepreneurs is that we need to connect with our prospect’s mind in a way to overcome existing pathways. To do this, we communicate with the intention to engage and create common ground (reach existing pathways) as we build rapport. Our intent with the next step is to discover existing problems and we stir the most urgent of these to make it real and present. Finally, we provide the solution and this information build on the established neural paths, modifying it but simply adding to what’s already there.

A mistake that new networkers often make is to presume a problem (or just do the ‘pitch’ without knowing if it’s even relevant). They expect that the information will be accepted forgetting that we do not believe what strangers tell us; we believe a little of what our friends tell us but we totally believe what we say to ourselves.

This process reflects the self-talk that underpins our beliefs and takes our prospect from where they are at to where you (honorably and with integrity) want them to go.

For example: We are talking to a person for the first time. You ask questions that get the other person to simply talk about their favorite topic – themselves and where they are in life.

You might have started with the question; “What do you want more of in your life?” You may need to ask for some idea of the economic value of their reply as more money or more time is pretty meaningless. You need a measure of how much so you can see the level or set points they have for themselves. It is reported that Donald Trump recognizes his lifestyle needs at around $100,000 a month. When talking to the banks about financing his failed venture to resurrect their investments and re-start a project, the bankers commented on an allocation of funds for his own personal expenses. Donald told them that he needed his penthouse and expensive lifestyle in order to achieve the outcomes they both wanted.

Most of us might manage on a little less than the high flying Mr Trump, at least initially.

Once you have an idea what your contact requires as their set-point of better health, free time or income, prompt for comments on their response with phrases such as “What are you doing about that?” or “How’s that working for you?” or “Tell me more about that.” or “That’s really interesting. I would feel the same way if I was in your shoes. Many people have felt this way and what they found was that the solution was a lot easier and more fun than they’d ever imagined. They now feel a sense of calm about their future, recognizing that they can make a difference and improve their lives.”

It is all about building rapport, finding out about an important problem, stirring it up, making it real and present and motivate them to act. There is an acronym of SPIN.

Situation – determine this as you build rapport
Problem or Pain – what is the real challenge that you might solve
Imperative – it needs to be real and present danger stuff
Needs – here’s your solution and it should be the obvious choice from here

Clearly, rapport and connection takes time. You might have this already with friends and family but this is on a very different level than a business relationship. You need to build the neural links in a different part of the brain than exists with your current social/familial relationship before you can offer a solution with regards to your opportunity or product. Sure, a health product might fit the social, caring context of family and friends but not if they know you are in business promoting the product. Unless you establish the value of the product, provide the 3rd party testimonials and make it clear why you are promoting the product (at least equally for their benefit and yours) you will always come across as an evangelist or a snake oil salesman.

All of the above supports the sales concept that the majority of people prefer 5% difference and 95% sameness (or familiarity). Proportionately fewer people cope with 25 to 75% difference and less than 5% of people readily accept new things, concepts and opportunities when they are significantly (95%) different to their accepted norm. This is why we ask questions to reveal the ideas and belief system others have before we can (honorably and ethically) influence by entering their reality and then forming the bridge to your new reality.

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Re-thinking your future – job or boss?

I recently responded to a request for information on writing resumés for job applications for those people who see the New Year as a reason to change jobs. The journalist targeted Uni or College students about to enter the workforce and employed people wanting to move ‘up the ladder’ of corporate life or take on a more challenging, better paid position in a private company.

It made me think of the consequences and I responded with the article below. Please note that it is for an Australian readership so the term HECS is a Government user-pays loan system (Higher Education Contribution Scheme). Other countries have their equivalent educational loan systems.

Please comment below as I appreciate your feedback.

Graduating CollegeIf you are just out of University and looking for your first full time job, you probably have two ‘rewards’ for graduating: The first is a monster HECS (student loan) debt and the 2nd is a 45 year sentence of hard labour before you can even think of retiring.

If you are already employed, indebted with mortgage, car loan, credit card debt and more you might be a little uncertain about the security of your job in 2013.  There’s the mining boom morphing into a whimper; the slow death of the retail economy; public debt measured in billions and politicians of little ability or willingness to fix things and just digging the hole deeper by printing more money.

Rather than prostitute yourself to another boss, you might consider going back to college to get more qualifications. Unfortunately, this is probably worse than useless if the line of over-qualified PhDs competing for a Help Wanted ad in a Greasy Spoon eatery is any indication. The harsh reality is that the jobs do not yet exist that might employ new college entrants once they graduate with their HECS debts and high expectations.

So why not start your own business and be your own boss. Do it right and you might design a business where you work where and when you want, with whom you want and sometimes even IF you want. Sure. It will take some hard effort up front but there is a way to get into business for under $5,000 and be coached, supported, guided and guaranteed into a successful business. There is a way to get into business for minimal cost, run it part-time until you match or exceed your full-time job income and then cut yourself free to live the life most people only dream about.

This will not appeal to those with an employee mentality. Most people have big dreams and wish for the big incomes, owning their home out-right, traveling the world or living the life. However, some people don’t do anything about it. You know the type. They would rather work their job, have the weekends to do what they can with the energy they still have after the monotonous 9 to 5 (or 8 to 6) of the work week. These people prefer to watch TV, go to the pub or socialize with their mates, be a spectator on other people’s lives and more often complain about their lot than do anything about it. These people will be surprised when they reach the end of their days only to realize they dreamed about their goals their whole lives and now only have the regret over not achieving them. These people tip-toe from birth to death and rarely make a real difference.

Starting your own business allows you to take control. Make a difference in your own life and that of the people you know, like or love. Many people are doing this and grabbing life by the horns, shaking and being amazed at the possibilities and the reality of making big dollars in a mentored business.

Before you re-work your resumé or scan the job ads, think of where you’ll end up if all you do is rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

May I also invite you to take a look at my opportunity? It generates a good monthly income for me and my plans are to grow it substantially in 2013. Check it out here.

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Getting Started in Network Marketing

I have been analyzing what we can say to those people we meet and who might be perfect for our business opportunity. Many new Distributors try to sell the product as they would in a traditional retail business and so they focus on the benefits and features of their product hoping to find someone for whom the product is a solution to a problem.

This is tough going.

The following approach comes from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and his student Mark Januszewski and the psychology behind the ice breakers is very clever:

During the early conversations you have with a potential distributor, you might say …

I just found out .. or Most people get excited when they learn …

… how to get a $500 a month raise without asking your boss
… how to get an extra month’s pay for just 7 hours a week
… how to fire the boss and start our own business
… how we can stay home with our kids and still earn a full-time wage
… how you can retire 5 years early and still get your full pay
… how we can work for just 3 weeks a month and still get paid for all 4
… how we can take a week holiday every month And not have to stay with family
… how to earn $50,000 a year tax free
… how to get out of University with no HECS debt
… how to earn more part-time than your lecturers, professors and even the Vice Chancellor of the Uni do full-time
… how housewives can earn more part-time than their husbands do working full-time
… how we can lose that dire need for a Nanna nap in the afternoon and feel great all weekend instead of catching up on sleep

If you ever want to know how, I’d be happy to tell you more but in the meanwhile …(go do something unrelated)

So what happens next?

Most people will stop you from going off and doing that unrelated something. They will be begging you for an explanation. Asking you for your presentation. And how easy is it to then take them to the next step? This might be a link to a website, a CD or DVD presentation or a follow up meeting.

Another way into a specific conversation about your opportunity is to begin with a compliment and follow with a question:

You are extremely personable and people would be naturally attracted to you. I run a small business in the area and can I ask; are you open to an opportunity to earn a second income if it didn’t interfere with what you are doing already?

Or another one of Tom’s:

If I helped you start your own part-time business and then you got to retire two years later, would you send me a ‘Thank You’ card?

You might even follow this up with; “Tell me, what is it that you’d like to know next?”

I hope that the above helps you if you are just starting out in this great industry.

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10 Ways to Kill Your Network Marketing Opportunity

This is a terrific article which needs to be read by anyone in network marketing. There are also a heap of good articles at the site that I urge anyone in the industry to read.

Having made the link above so as not to be seen as plagiarizing, here is the list:

The fastest way to kill any network marketing opportunity…

  1. Do nothing, never call prospects, expect money to flow in on “auto pilot”, expect your upline to build your business.
  2. Have a big EGO.
  3. Do not team up with your upline or downline, stay hidden.
  4. Do not organize or attend any meeting or webinar.
  5. If you attend a meeting, show up in your shorts.
  6. Do not read any personal development book.
  7. Do not return calls from your team.
  8. Produce your own unduplicable recruitment tools.
  9. Do not take time to understand the compensation plan or products, services.
  10. Jump from opportunity to opportunity.

Perhaps we need to revisit why we got involved in the opportunity in the first place. There are 3 reasons we stall in any endeavor in life: no opportunity, not enough information, insufficient motivation.

Network marketing delivers the opportunity in spades. Get into a great company and you get mentored, tutored, trained, guided, supported and helped every step of the way. Network marketing is the only way that us ordinary folk can work hard for a few years and earn more each month than a doctor or lawyer can in a year. And it all starts from just a few people you know telling a few people they know.

The Internet (and I hope this blog helps and) backs up the information from good companies to ensure that a lack of knowledge is not in your way to success. Everything, from time management, personal development, business planning down to the details of prospecting and mentoring are all easily available to anyone who recognizes that any worthwhile endeavor has a learning curve before the results begin to pour in.

And lastly, motivation completes the Holy Trinity of Network Marketing success. I have blogged on this before and refer you to this article. If your ‘WHY’ is missing or not big enough then success in this industry is impossible.

Re-read the 10 points above and decide where you want to go with your chosen opportunity.

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Prospecting Your Way to Wealth

Generating prospects is one of the key steps to creating success in your business.

Growing your networkThe more leads you find or the larger your database, the more people who are aware of your opportunity. This is a relationship building business.

Experienced, successful networkers often recommend that once you are fully acquainted with the systems available for your primary opportunity, once you have the support and guidance of your upline or mentors, it pays to allot say, 3 months, as a period for which you are prepared to give it everything you can throw at the business. This is the time for massive action recognizing that success breeds success and doing the numbers (strategically) will deliver results.

It is also often recommended that generating new prospects should be a daily habit and creating systems can better ensure it happens. Some software relevant to project management I refer you to is the Agile System.

Mike Dillard (Magnetic Sponsoring) describes the main occupation of network marketers as professional sorters. We share our opportunity with others and then sort through the wrong people to find the right ones!

There are two things to consider here:

1. Generating leads (warm, cool or cold) through massive tactical action

2. Pre-qualifying these leads, targeting your actions, focusing your efforts which is more strategic

To consider the first point, there are many different ways to generate prospects. Work with your sponsor or upline as your first step since there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Speak to successful people in your company and find out exactly what they are doing and then do the same.

We each know or come into contact with around 3,000 people who we can say also know us or know of us. We also meet new people often so our list never stops growing. This is a rich resource as it not only allows you to help a lot of people by offering your opportunity but because you know them, you can begin sorting for those with the most interest in your offer to reduce your workload.

The approach to this warm market is all important and if you think about it, how do you communicate with your friends about other great experiences? If you caught an awesome movie or had a terrific meal or whatever, do you approach them and pitch them a sales spiel on doing the same? No.

You just catch up and if they ask what you’ve been doing or in some subtle way bring up the subject and you can wax lyrical about the experience.

The difference between offering an opportunity and raving about a movie is that you are about to make a huge positive impact on your friend’s life. They may not realize it. You can’t force it. Here is where you need to recognize that you are investing in your friendship. You are building and strengthening that relationship. But give it time.

Our lives change frequently and while now may not be an appropriate time for a positive decision to grab the opportunity, it might be perfect in 5 months or more. Your task is to keep in touch and if the situation ever does match the need then you can help.

And this brings me to the next strategy. Education marketing.

This can be applied to your product or your opportunity but as your goal is most probably to help others earn a substantial residual income, I’ll focus on the business side of your primary opportunity. However, before I go there, I should mention that I take the high road with respect to the product in my primary opportunity. It happens to be the Rolls Royce of nutritionals with no other product even coming close.

I recognize that while 15% of people generally say they have an interest in good nutrition, less than 5% do anything sensible about it. By comparison, 95% of us are more likely to make a change in order to improve our lifestyle. This is the strategy behind taking prospects to my network-generic, ‘I Own My Life‘ website where I show the benefits of becoming a Global Lifestyle Trainer. This site effectively sorts for people who want to change their lives by starting a new business with You on the sidelines to help them. If anyone goes through my website and neglects to provide their phone number, I don’t email or bother following up. I see them as not ready, not open or simply not worth my time.

And some more statistics. Industry analysis shows that 80% of people in network marketing are happy earning from $250 to $1000 a month. Essentially an extra 2 weeks pay gives them a security blanket that reduces financial stress, covers some expense over-runs or helps pay off credit cards or mortgages.

Another 15% aim at earning between $10,000 and $30,000 a month. These people are lifestylers and often are bank-rolling a traditional business (at least until they realize their network business will out-perform their other venture by a long way) or they are moving up the socio-economic ladder.

Finally, the last 5% are the high rollers. They see $50,000pm as a stepping stone to six and seven figure revenues. These people are motivated to the point of being driven. They take action, amass teams of leaders and drive them hard, teaching them to connect, mentor and train, train the trainers to train and then do it again with others.

However, while you might be on the look out for the 5 percenters, the dollars are in the 80%. They still need to be coachable because you need the product flow through your business to pay the residual income on-going. They are also more approachable and in fact, you know them already. They are in your circle of contacts and all that is needed is to coax them out from your list of 3,000 names, call them and pass on your excitement about the business that you have found.

Remember. People buy You. They then want to know how You will support them and train them to do what You do. They need to feel and believe that THEY can do what You do. And lastly, they want to trust that THEY can earn what You say can be earned with your help.

I’ll follow up in another blog to cover some of the strategies you can use to leverage your time and efforts in reaching your best potential business partners so consider this article as Part 1.

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Do You Need Motivation or Inspiration to Succeed?

Leading your teamAny networker with a few people in their downline will one day wonder what it takes to get some people to recognize that they only have a short time on this planet and just one time around. Imagine lying on your death-bed and thinking back over your life and scoring your results. Will you be happy with your life? Did you live the best life you could?

Alternatively, come back a few years and consider the time when you would like to retire from your daily job. Do you have enough as savings, investments or on-going income to last you and your family for the next 20 years?

Now come back to this moment. How will you change things from this point on?

You probably have a goal for yourself to succeed and have joined up into a network marketing company (try mine if you are looking). You may have learned to invite and sponsor and you might have created the start of a downline. These people in your team have bought into your solution to their current problems and challenges.

However, the days, weeks and then months pass and there’s little action from some (most?) of them. Sure. Product moves and people rave about it and maybe even recommend it to others but as for building an excited, actively growing team of people on fire – it just doesn’t happen.

There’s a reason for this.

What you have neglected to do is two important things,

1. How good are your systems?

2. How well do you motivate and inspire.

I have described the system I use in this blog so I’ll address Point 2 here:

Maybe you focused on the product (and were successful in that they bought some) and sold it at retail so you made some money. Maybe your product is good (like mine) and you get regular sales on-going but that’s not what this business is all about.

Marketing is about creating desire and if you do this well then selling becomes redundant. If, like me, you are into a nutritional product then being passionate about recommending your product and passing on testimonials about how you and others have solved their particular health problems by using your product may be enough to help your new contacts. The same is needed to showcase the real power of network marketing and deliver the lifestyle and time and financial freedom that this industry can bring.

If you are having lackluster results in getting your team to build the desire for this outcome then perhaps it is the systems you use (or may not even have in place).

What you didn’t do is to inspire your team members to duplicate a system that motivates them to set, chunk down and achieve their goals. You may not have used a portal that informs, educates and edifies people and takes them to the next level of life awareness. I use the generic system of Don Failla. Check it out here. That site has a link to my second online marketing system which is product specific so see if you can find the link. (Clue: try the ‘and More’ nav link on the home page).

But before you go there, imagine being financially independent. Imaging having the free time to travel, contribute, build strong friendships and to grow personally. We have 6 basic human needs: certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth and contribution. A rich life can deliver all these values.

You have no doubt read or heard about the successful marketers who make fantastic monthly incomes through the power or leveraging other people, their money and time. It works because they deliver value to their clients. Leverage is the key to win:win:win deals where everyone walks away getting exactly what they want.
leveraging time, money and effort
There are many examples of network marketers making 5 and 6-figure monthly incomes that you know it’s possible. So what if it’s only the top 3 or 5% on the industry. Isn’t that the way with traditional business too? The top 5% of the world’s wealthy use leverage well. They inspire those who work for and with them. They create the desire in others to be a part of their activities.

Those who act on this inspiration are those people who are sufficiently motivated to do so. NLP tells us that these people are either moving away from a negative situation or towards a better outcome. Success strategists the tell us that we need to enjoy the process of moving too and success can be defined as the progressive realization of a worthy goal.

We need to specifically, carefully, thoughtfully and deeply define that goal and then begin to work backwards as if we have already achieved it to clarify the steps needed to get there.

I stressed the nature of goal setting required because most people rarely think enough about their ‘worthy goal’. It’s more often, “I want to stop the bills accumulating each month” or “I want to be able to pay off my debts” or “I want to have enough to go on a holiday” or whatever. These are poor goals. Do they even sound worthy? No.

The idea is to really work it.

For example, my goal is to help people understand that our modern foods are failing at addressing our nutritional needs. Wild foods have supported the longest living culture on the planet for some 60,000 years and they give us a guide as to what real food is all about. My primary opportunity is based on a product that includes these nutritionally dense wild foods. However, having developed a product which is the only antidote to modern foods I now shift my life’s goal to it’s more important outcome.

Using this Rolls Royce of nutritional products, I will use the leverage of having other people rave about the benefits they have received from my product to build a network business that rewards those who effectively spread the word and the opportunity that the product delivers.

Does feeling better, looking good, mental clarity, lots of energy and a positive outlook on life sound good to you? What if I then threw in ample income and the prospect of a great life of your choosing? There’s motivation.

What I now need to do is inspire you to act.

Knowledge and information is useless if there’s no action.

I have been with Aboriginal informants in Outback Australia and the women have shared secrets of their knowledge about plants and animals that are eons old. Medicines, healing plants, nutritious foods. I once asked with all this amazing wealth, why aren’t others commercializing these gems? The reply was that they only tell those who will respect the knowledge. If their children and grand children are not interested in doing the right thing with the knowledge then they are simply not told about it.

How will you inspire and motivate your team?

Frequent contact is important. Encourage your team members to call you so that you work with those who want to work. Zig Ziglar humorously said that his dentist once told him to only floss the teeth he wanted to keep. It’s the same deal here.Knowledge is useless to those who don’t want to know.

But for those who do ask for help, find out what is important to them. Ask for their goals. remind them often of these and ask them if they are on track. Are they enjoying the process, the successive achievement of their worthy goals.

If you want to join me then click here and go through my system.

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Network Marketing – Systems Make It Easy

Are you struggling with your network marketing business?

Does it all seem too hard to get started? Do you love the product but apart from a few recommendations, are you just making pocket money and not even covering the product cost? Do the stories online of 5 and 6-figure per month earners seem like fiction and just too out there for you to relate to you earning this sort of income?

It doesn’t need to be hard and you can be successful.

I strongly recommend Mark Yarnell’s book, Your First Year in Network Marketing: Get your copy now and read, highlight, make notes, do whatever
you need to do to extract the valuable information he delivers.

Sure. The statistics of business failure is the same for bricks and mortar businesses as it is for network marketing (97% fail in the first 12 months, 80% of the rest fail in the next 5 years). So perhaps it is worth studying what the businesses that make it do and what it is that the rest do not do.

Perhaps you might even notice that the ranks of the network marketers that make it are growing each year. If you are a member of MLSP you will notice the rise of a good number of new and successful networkers who become trainers in that lead generation system.

So what might be a good plan. I use my network marketing card as a key part of a system for qualifying leads so take a look and see if it fits the way you work or would like to work:

One side has the branding of my primary opportunity, my contact details and a link to the company’s on-line marketing system. This is a 3 page website which consists of an initial introductory page on the industry, the company, the product and the opportunity. The second page delivers the same information in a short, 40 second video for the visual learners (70% of us). The third and final page is a form for details for more information and an important tool. This is a survey which allows me to understand how serious my prospect may be and what values they have. Building rapport and delivering the right opportunity (product or business) is easy from here.

There are auto-responders which get sent out on form submission which direct the prospect to my replicated website and I always stress that they should at least go to the testimonials before spending too much time lost in the depths of the main site. I promise to take them on a tour later.

The other side of my business card marketing system is the following:

Are you living a great life?This is more for those people who are ready to improve their lot. Perhaps they are in a transition between jobs or are even recently unemployed due to the economy. Or maybe they are at a point in their lives when free time, financial independence and a high quality life become important. Whatever the reason, it is for those who see life as more than just a job and a mediocre existence.

The link takes them through the process of education on network marketing, wealth strategies and getting a life.

Both systems work well and as a fall-back position I use MLSP and Magnetic Sponsoring as a means to capture those who may already be in a network business but see the value in learning more.

If you like my system or have your own, please add your comments below.

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Inspirational video which might just change your life

Uncle Ray (Higdon) from MLSP posted an awesome video recently.

It’s all inspirational and motivational and I highly recommend watching it. I was standing on my sofa and cheering and hollering. (Well. Almost.)

Wasn’t that great?

He’s right on the money though.

We DO need to change to achieve our goals or we’ll keep getting the same old stuff and go on just hoping for a different result. It won’t happen.

The Eureka moment for me was the realization that I wrote about in my last blog.

Without time, money and health, you don’t have a life.

Was life meant to be this way?

Well not for most of the last 6 million years of our evolution and up until 10,000 years ago when some smart kid (he would have been in his teens) called himself King or Lord over ‘his’ people. He probably had a few mates who could provide the muscle in an early form of mafia or triad. He’d offer protection if they worked 24/7/365 to grow food, build a wall around the village (then a bigger one etc) and the villagers all worked to support him and his army.

Now wind the clock forward and we are still in the rat race working all our lives and for what? We define ourselves by our work and once we retire, most of us (males anyway) die early because we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We put in the hours, days, weeks,  months and years, pay taxes to support politicians for whom most of us didn’t vote to do things we didn’t ask them to do.

We’ve developed classes in our societies and glass ceilings and walls to slow, if not stop the lower classes moving upwards. The rich quickly learn to protect their wealth at all costs and they get richer while the poor can only entertain themselves by breeding. This condemns them to their poverty.

We are fooled into getting an education as the means to escape the poverty trap but who was it that said “I thought I wanted a career but all I really wanted was a regular paycheck”.

But there is an answer and Network Marketing is the Way.

You CAN reclaim your life.

Check out I Own My Life and decide if your future will be the same as your past.

What other opportunities are there where us ordinary folk can work hard for a few years and earn more each month than a doctor, lawyer or politician can in a year? And the weird thing is that it all starts from just a few people you know telling a few people they know and leveraging out from there.

Sure a few tools (like this blog and the tips and tricks in it) don’t go astray but it’s a really simple system and suddenly you find yourself running a business network of thousands of people all running their independent businesses in the way that you taught them. Maybe you even learned how from me.

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Own Your Own Life – Network your Way to Wealth

If you don’t have time, money and health then you don’t have a life.

I recently discovered Don and Nancy Failla’s great online service for networkers. Have a look at this link. The interesting shift in my recent success is due to my constant reading of other peoples’ successes.

The Failla’s ask the question, if you add up the time you commute, work, sleep and do the essential daily chores how much time is left for you to do what you love doing? 1 hour? 2 perhaps? A few hours a day is all your life amounts to with maybe a few extra hours on weekends – if you are NOT in a traditional business for yourself.

Is this any way to live?

Even with the luxury of free weekends, are we mentally free of the stresses of paying the mortgage, car loans, credit card debt and if there’s enough saved for a rainy day or an annual vacation (if you’re lucky)? Those bills keep pouring in and there’s always too much month at the end of the money.

However, network marketing is the answer. Here’s an industry that’s available for anyone. It costs maybe a few thousand dollars to start and often much less on a slower track. There’s zero to little risk and you are not over-burdened with costs of traditional businesses to cover staff, rent, inventory or other overheads.

The Failla’s also shift your focus in presenting your primary opportunity to others. Rather than offer your product and promote the benefits they describe themselves (as I have adopted also) as Lifestyle Trainers.

Who wouldn’t want a guide to a high quality lifestyle?

Now the task is to introduce the business model as the vehicle to true wealth. And the book, The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life is the perfect tool for this. I recommend the Kindle version or the audio book if you still commute to your full-time job.

Get a copy for your Kindle or read it in the Kindle Cloud.

And check out my site here.

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The 45 Second Presentation – the Keys to Network marketing

A long time ago, I heard the adage that when the student is ready, the master will appear. Now maybe this is just the fact that reading lots, meeting other professional networkers and listening to interviews etc eventually leads to a definitive work that means more because of your knowledge and experience than it would had you found it earlier.

As we learn, our brains form neural pathways which get reinforced by the experience of our truths and ideas. One reason being offered for mental diseases of ageing such as senile dementia is that we use our brains less as we get older simply because of our experience gained over our lives. The more experience we have, the less we need to think and the more susceptible to mental illness we become.

Anyway. The point is that new information gets compared to the existing body of work we can define as our knowledge and if it fits then we accept it. If it is almost a fit, we might accommodate it and expand our neural network to embrace this new concept. If the information is very different then it is more work to see if we are to integrate it into new patterns or reject it as unpalatable (neurologically speaking) or irrelevant.

I guess I have been looking for the routines, the processes or the strategies and tactics which fit my existing ideas of learning enough to be able to teach anyone to earn a healthy six figure income.

And I found it a few days ago.

It was like stumbling across buried treasure. Or at least a map to the Mother Load.

So let me share what I have found and see if you are in a position to use the map and find the spoils.

The information is in a book called the 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life by Don Failla

Get the book and read the first 4 chapters. It will change your life if you are serious about having a better lifestyle than you do now. I’m handing you the map. You now have a choice: Use it and get wealthy or leave the treasure where it is buried and go back to your current life. However, it is worth asking yourself if you can expect to retire from what you are currently doing in say, 1 to 3 years AND maintain an income of $50,000pa or more, on-going. Most people stop working at the end of their careers on a tiny retirement payout and never see the sort of money they were earning in their recent past. They have plenty of time to do the things they have dreamed about but just don’t have the money to do them.

Our business model of network marketing is the only means for anyone to start earning part-time, build a network from a base of a half a dozen people and within 12 to 36 months create a residual income that makes 9 to 5 jobs pale into insignificance. It lets you own your life.

I will be writing more about the principles and concepts in The 45 Second presentation over the next few blogs so make sure you subscribe to my updates by filling in your details in the box in the top right hand corner of this page.

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Hunting and Gathering Yesterday, Network Marketing Today

For something different for this blog, I would like to compare work today with the lifestyles of our hunter-gatherer past. I have foraged extensively with Aborigines across many remote regions of Australia and so can comment with some authority.

Foraging strategies

Irrespective of where my informants lived, desert or coast, they started the day with a strategy that was appropriate to their location. If in the desert, they knew where rain had fallen in the last few months through observation and a visual memory highly tuned and adapted over thousands of years of survival. Once rain falls in the desert, food appears over the next few months so foraging there makes sense if the seasons, water and available foods make the walk into the region possible.

For coastal people, particularly in the tropical north of Australia, foraging strategies were more focused on the food resources than past rains. Seasons were more reliable and so groups of foods were more predictable and key foods dictated the foraging strategies.

Tools and tactics

For both groups and those in all 600 Aboriginal nations around the country, bush calendars relate seasons, plant and animal behavior and the abundance or otherwise of resources as well as the progression of successive foods. There’s no point walking into a region to harvest even an abundant food if you then need to trek out of the area walking unimaginable distances without water or food for an uncertain outcome.

Utilize your strengths

Each group I foraged with had individuals who were known for their particular skills eg tracking, hunting large game or smaller ones, finding yams or wild honey or honey ants, preparing seeds or ‘singing’ out mangrove worms from the stumps in which they burrow. This provided the leveraging of skills to enhance outcomes. However, whatever the skill, individuals still depended on the social structure for support, so much so that there were no Aboriginal kings or queens.

Learn from your Elders, from history and your environment

It was an egalitarian society which respected the Elders’ knowledge and took the time for consultative meetings. There were many times when I was directed to seek the knowledge of certain Elders because it was their country or it was simply the right thing to do. Often I got the approval from the Elder to go with my original informant as he knew the country too.

Take time off

The success of these strategies allowed each of the 600 Nations to not only survive but prosper for 60,000 years and enjoy extended periods each day relaxing, pursuing social and creative activities, teaching the young, caring for the elderly and preserving the knowledge of the world’s longest living culture. The richness of the art, songs, dancing, stories and music all reflect the free time that was available.

Build your toolkit, learn your profession and communicate

Their skill set included environmental management; deep and intimate knowledge of plant and animal species; survival strategies of significant climatic influences such as 50 year droughts, floods, wildfires and other natural disasters; the ability to speak the 3 to 5 distinct languages of their neighbours and extended families, languages as different as Spanish, Italian, Greek, English, Dutch and German; and knowledge of a complex pharmacopoeia and the ability to find appropriate medicines and process them wherever they might find themselves at any time of the year.

So how does this relate to network marketing?

Recruiting leadersMarketing Strategies, planning your outcomes and free time

Plan each day, adjust strategies eg your method of reaching out to candidates, online or off-line marketing methods. Set daily outcomes. I like the Agile Results System which sets 3 goals for your day, week, month and year. This is just like finding food each day, doing the important things for resource management and planning your free time as a hunter-gatherer. Enjoy extended periods of free time recognizing that long hours of work detract from your quality of life. Plan your time off. Life is made richer by the non-work experiences you share with significant others.

Utilize your strengths

Play to your strengths rather than focus on your weaknesses. If necessary, outsource tasks in which you are not proficient and concentrate on your core abilities. Set up systems for repetitive tasks. Use video as a means to communicate these systems to others (Aborigines used stories, music and dance to entertain and educate and developed impressive spacial and relational visual memory). Self-educate to enhance your strengths. Learn how to invite and sponsor. Effective communication, strategic persistence and situational flexibility are key attributes.

Build your toolkit and learn your profession

Use tools that are available or create your own. The Kakadu Online Marketing System is one resource but there are many others such as sizzle calls, introductions on video and CD, Internet and attraction marketing, 3rd party networking tools, ready-made splash pages, list builders, PPC, CPV, solo ads, social media. Become the messenger, not the message.

Learn from your Elders, from history and your environment

Rely on the experience of those who have done it before. Work as a team to better leverage the results. Remain humble and acknowledge the contribution of others. Learn from your team’s successes. Contingency plans are important as are multiple approaches for income generation. This might be retailing some product, finding other retailers and the more leveraged approach of finding those interested in the business.

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Looking for Leaders – define your target well

I can never say enough about inviting others to take a look at your primary business opportunity but who you choose to invite is really important.

Planning for successRemembering that you are looking for a small but highly motivated team of like-minded people, it makes sense to choose wisely. Don’t ask the wood ducks and decoys. Don’t ask the depressed, nay-sayers and other negative people. Don’t ask the desperate and dateless or the long-term unemployed. I don’t mind people who have jumped from job to job or from network to network repeatedly but I do want to know why.  Undoubtedly their personality will provide clues as to whether they are actively advancing through better and better positions or are instigating conflict and being forced to move on.

Let me describe the people with whom I want to work:

I look for passionate people with a zest for life. They are innately happy or at least optimistic even if challenged by life’s hard times. I’d prefer a positive personality over an introverted, negative type who blames everyone, everything and the world in general for their misfortune.

Some of the values of those with whom I want to work are persistence, openness, determination, positive attitude, action-oriented, organized, TV-phobic (well sort of – they can’t be addicted to just mentally switching off in front of the idiot box for hours at a time). I even place those people passionate over spectator sports in the too hard basket unless they are already successful and have the free time to waste on watching others get fit and competing in games. I am looking for people with a real hunger to be financially independent and to create free time and live a high quality life.

I look for those with good to great communication skills yet are better listeners than talkers. They should value freedom, personal interactions, independence and helping others.

They must be open to new ideas and be coachable and willing to follow procedures even applying them to the management of their own lives (time and projects). Systems are crucial to duplication and so I separate those who are systems-oriented and still extremely busy (a good thing) from others who lack any systems and are over-whelmed with a mass of unprioritized tasks. One group is open to new projects and the other is swamped in their unorganized lives.

The reason that I look for busy people who appear to get lots done and may even enjoy some financial success is because they can feel challenged by the lack of free time and their relationships suffering. Life might be good as measured by the trinkets and toys but not in the quality time that we need in order to have no regrets on our deathbed. Life is about experiences shared with those close to us, not just monetary gains from a 24/7 expenditure of effort.

It has been said that the 3 Ages of Man are Sex, Power and Money. These are the predominating ideals so that in our youth we are chasing a life partner. In our middle years we seek power and status. As Elders we focus on money and financial security.

While there may be some truth in these divisions, the boundaries are blurring and the number of young millionaires and old new parents suggests another model is arising.

If you are independently wealthy, finding partners and gaining power are a lay down misere (absolute certainty).

So what’s it take to become financially free?

Inviting people to investigate your primary opportunity is the primary skill needed to succeed in network marketing. I recommend the Black belt Recruiting System from Mike Dillard and also Ray Higdon’s sponsoring course. I also suggest you read this related article on what not to do.

Having an effective system to take those you invite on a tour is the second most important step and I’ll address this process in another blog..

Master the art of sponsoring

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The 3 Horsemen of Creation: Uncertainty, Risk and Exposure to Criticism

Today I read about the metaphor of three psychic Horsemen of Creativity: Uncertainty, Risk and Exposure to Criticism.

Three Horsemen of CreativityCreativity meets these horsemen as a necessity of the creative act and it occurred to me that there is value in considering these 3 impacts in the network marketing process.

The horsemen definitely lead to suffering and angst and yet they must remain a part of the activity of building networks because removing them stops the process while embracing or even magifying their effects can have huge entrepreneurial outcomes.

So let’s look more closely at the psychic horsemen and how they affect our mental baggage:

Running your primary opportunity is a creative exercise. Network marketing is full of uncertainty and exposure to criticism and this is where the risk arises. There is also risk in starting any investment in your future (one of financial and time freedom) and not continuing, possibly even abandoning it before that breakthrough that propels you to success. Remember that you only generally need a small number of leaders who can make you (and themselves) a fortune.

So where does the Uncertainty Horseman ride?

You may be uncertain of your ability to run an internet home based business. Think about this though. Generating network marketing leads is really more like being a tour guide. You are the messenger, not the message. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and notice how every mission in MI is made possible through application of training in a stampede of Horsemen), your mission is merely to find those people around you who are open to a future of financial independence and time freedom. Sure, you can also reduce uncertainty by qualifying people as much as possible before starting the tour. No one likes to waste time and you will need to work with those who you do bring on so they need to meet your criteria for being in your team.

The Horseman of Risk rides in when you go out on a limb to invite someone you meet to take the tour. In my opportunity, the risk is mitigated by the benefits our product delivers even if people do not go for the business. You have two bites at the cherry (or Kakadu plum in my case) in effect. This is why I lead with the business and pre-qualify an interest in better health and an awareness of the size and growth rate of the wellness industry. Look around you and the news is all about rising obesity rates; higher incidences of diabetes; diseases of nutrition starting in younger age groups every day. We can change this. We can help others help others to help themselves. Leveraging reduces risk and this business is all about other people’s inputs.

Then there’s the third Horseman; that of the Exposure to Criticism.

The way I see it is that if you run with the herd because you fear what is said about you if you choose another path, then you’ll never get ahead. We need to stretch out. Try things. Learn. A major benefit of this network marketing industry is the growth in your personal development over time. We need to acquire information, master tools, create new ways of thinking, an attitude of can-do, even the passion for a higher quality life or we stay with the herd. Perhaps you could even measure how well you are doing by the noise of this Horseman’s hooves. The louder the criticism the better you are doing.

So no matter what your home based business ideas are, ride with the Horsemen. Channel their energy and feel your own strength grow. Understand their relevance and use the initial trepidation to build your own character as you leave the herd and embark on the path to your own success. Besides. if there are only 3 Horsemen, how hard can it be?

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Small Steps to Big Outcomes

I know a lot of people are struggling with their lives at the moment. Finances are tight and this can have an impact on relationships, personal fulfilment and health and leads to frustration and stress. You dread each coming month and worry about how you’ll pay your bills with maxed out credit cards and you even struggle to pay the minimum monthly payment while mortgages or the rent is always behind.Break free of credit card debt

I have met people who openly admit they are in hot water. They say they are not happy and want to make more money. They need to make more because it’s only going to get tougher and yet they do nothing. They resist change.

Some people stay busy to avoid thinking of their plight. Others are so time poor from a lack of planning that they avoid changing or have a reason not to change. (Check out this link on time planning/project management. I highly recommend it.) Others just don’t have the belief that they can change. They think it’s too hard to make money. Others might find it easy but not them.

Their belief systems are at the core of why they do not make the change.

I might be obsessed with what I do. Long hours are the norm. I have the entrepreneurial bug and am always reading, researching and feeding my mind with the mental nutrition I need to keep me focused on what I want to get done.

There’s also a trick I learned a while back.

We all resist change. It is hard wired into our brains.

It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative change, we have an instinctive avoidance mechanism inbuilt. It’s part of our adrenaline fueled fight or flight response. We prefer the relative calm of another neurotransmitter called dopamine flooding our brains from just doing what we feel comfortable doing. So how can we use this relaxing brain chemical and avoid the adrenaline challenge?

Well let’s think of a goal of $100,000 a year in income from our home based, part time business. Who can see how to get there in a big giant leap?

What if, on the other hand, we broke it down to such as small first step that it was almost boring to do. There are no chemicals released in our brain to stimulate either, our higher-thinking neocortex or our primitive fight or flight driven reptilian mid-brain. We just cruise and follow the Nike “Just do it” path. We trick out brains, fool ourselves so that the change goes un-noticed and yet things will shift.

We make a micro-commitment towards our goal.

What if we plan things just a little. Think of your best, most productive time of day. For some, it’s the wee hours. Getting up at 3, 4 or 5am is easy and the brain is in high gear. This may not be positive because for myself, I know the 3am sweat is often my reptilian amygdala going wild and I wake up worrying about cashflow, yesterday’s outstanding tasks, future challenges – all the usual business things that seem bigger and darker at 3am than in reality. However, getting up quashes these concerns and I find the next few hours as my ideal working time.

You might be better at night once the tasks of the day are behind you and in the quiet of the late hours you are better burning the midnight oil. Other people may find different time blocks but whatever, find it and allocate this period to making micro-commitments.

Now the next task is to plan this allocated time in 15 minute lots. You might set aside an hour a day during your Peak Performance Time (PPT) and set 3 simple, unchallenging tasks: Learn. Plan. Take Action.

You might invest 15 minutes in learning activities (take notes as you learn as this helps cement information, new ideas and concepts and makes it your own). This learning block may also inspire you with a theme to move into your next PPT slot. I read a few selected blogs such as Ray Higdon’s blog, Daily Reckoning and you might subscribe to my blog for my insights and observations. Follow the link and fill in the form in the top right hand corner of any page.

The next PPT block might be the balance of the hour (but stick with 15 minute increments for tasks if you can) and here is where you take tiny steps to make giant advances.

Work out a list of people to call with your opportunity. Write out a way of introducing the solution you offer and practice it out loud so you own it and it feels comfortable. Read over this blog for a few ideas on an approach. The really powerful thing about network marketing is that is can be a business you work with people you already know and like.

This might be all you do for a few days. Learn. Plan and Act.

If you are OK with it, jump in and ring your upline with a few names and numbers and see if you can have your sponsor made the pitches to your leads. See how they go about it and if their method suits you.

Another way is for you to make the initial calls to see who in your network is likely to join you in your business venture. Ask if they are open to a side project part-time and something that won’t interfere with what they are doing now but could generate some serious income. This might be all you ask before relying on the 3-way call and passing your lead over to your upline.

Another micro-commitment might be to work on retail sales. Simple tasks might be a signature file for your emails which promotes your product. This is a good place to link to your MLSP affiliate account. A series of entries in your Facebook page with your story of how you benefited from your product and with links to your retail eCommerce store. If your product is a consumable, you might take it to your workplace and have your workmates ask about it. If you can afford to advertise, you might learn how to do this for a platform of your choice eg LinkedIn or Facebook and work on getting this happening. You might join Unittus and search for like minded contacts, uTap them and begin building relationships. Build a WordPress website and begin to establish yourself as a brand and an authority.

The list is endless.

Learn. Plan. Take Action.

Create leads, sell some product, interact with your upline and start to move towards your $100,000 goal incrementally.

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Life is often about ….. Timing

I read and recommend The Daily Reckoning (see link at the end of this page) by Dan Denning of Port Philip Publishing and recently he addressed some real questions on why people fail to act when doing nothing can severely prejudice their future.

Are you safe in your job?Like me, Dan is convinced that we are about to enter a new financial world order possibly even as soon as the end of 2012.

Dan believes that the era of the global credit bubble is almost at an end and despite the desperate, final efforts of government officials and central bankers around the world, what happens next is unknown to anyone. However, when it’s over, the world you live in will certainly never be the same again.

Dan comments:

You have important financial decisions to make in the coming months.

If you don’t want to see your wealth, lifestyle and retirement dreams eroded this year, you can’t afford to be passive now.

You may believe the global debt crisis will quietly burn itself out if you just switch your TV off… and that doing nothing with your investments is the best thing.

Be clear: doing nothing is still doing something.

Sure, people say that we are safer here in Australia – but are we?

As Dan says: “This is a great country. It’s affluent. The climate is amazing. The people are warm, funny and friendly wherever you go. The footy season is kicking off again. There are plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

But I’m not sure a private debt-to-GDP ratio approaching 150% can be sustained.

I’m not sure a housing market that supports prices upwards of nine times average salaries – as is the case in Sydney – can continue on much longer.”

Dan describes the typical Australian’s situation in that if they invest in stocks, which we all do if we have your superannuation with a management fund. Our money invested now is effectively where it was in 2005 after 7 years of returns swallowed by poor choices and poor performance.

Right now you have seven years of losses to make back. Keep doing what you’re doing and it will take longer.

Investing for retirement is something that affects every working Australian. If you plan to give up working for a living in the next 5-20 years, this affects you.

Nick Sayce, a speaker at Dan’s recent conference on the move to a New Economy pointed out the real value of entrepreneurs in building wealth. He told attendees to look for small businesses which are revolutionizing their industries. This is where the real wealth is.

Network marketing (and particularly my primary opportunity) is based upon this principle. As interest rates rise (as governments try to attract foreign investment), inflation jumps and house prices plummet (and the credit bubble bursts), we will all find it tougher to survive. Some of us will walk away from insanely high mortgage repayments on properties worth a fraction of what we paid for them.

Imagine though, if you had a monthly income stream that covered all your bills. You could even incest in the future and copy the Chinese Government and buy gold as a currency hedge and a way to secure your wealth.

Imagine your own small business which insulates you from self-obsessed politicians who up the burden on business by increasing superannuation levies and raise taxes so that ordinary workers cover the cost of their bad management of the economy. It will be up to taxpayers to contribute to the government coffers so that payments can be made to cover the interest on the national debt and the consequence of easy credit and significant borrowing against non-producing assets.

Running your own (network) business can generate significant taxable deductions with international travel, computers, communication, clothing, accommodation, conference attendance and your own self-managed Super fund.

Now is the time to get into business for yourself.

In reality, you have little choice.

If you think that your job is secure now and that your income will rise sufficiently to get you through the next 6 to 36 months, think again.

When Greeks recently were unable to withdraw their money from their banks or buy food from the stores, there were riots in the streets. As Dan points out; they were everyday citizens smashing glass, burning cars and protesting.

We in Australia may have some extra time and perhaps it would be cstrategic planninglever for anyone from overseas reading this blog to build their network business in Australia too.

We have the time to educate ourselves on how to run a successful network marketing business, build a team and get that permanent residual monthly income and build real wealth.

Do it now. Start with the 1st class education of MLSP and progress to a primary opportunity which will still be relevant in the times ahead. My opportunity is one because no one will be able to afford to get ill and our product has an impact on a host of chronic illnesses. Our business plan is also perfect for our times and sufficiently lucrative in the short to medium term as to be ideal if you start now.

I strongly recommend that you read Dan’s blog. Subscribe to his newsletter. It will open your eyes. Read and plan your strategies because it will matter. Here’s the link. Go there now and then come back to my page and add your comments to the discussion below.

Here’s the link: Daily Reckoning.

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Here’s a social media platform that pays you for building community

Network marketers network.

Sorry for stating the blatantly obvious but I wanted to present some thoughts on how we network and how we expand our reach. So this blog is about lead generation.

AdvertisementRecruiting leaders————————————————————————————————————————————————————

I recently investigated a new and unique social platform which is growing rapidly in both membership and features and I see it carving out a niche from the other social media over time. You see this platform is based on providing a searchable human database so that you can find people with similar interests around the world (they have an excellent translator program).

The platform is called Unittus and it allows you to build your networks and community to enhance your connectedness. Most of us like to stay in touch with our friends and contacts and also to grow our circle of influence for any number of reasons.

You might want to hook up with people in your local area who are in business for themselves. Or you could look for opportunity seekers, realtors, financial planners or self-employed people in their career listing. Alternatively, you might look for those interested in health, nutrition, healthy eating, longevity, anti-ageing etc.

If your network marketing company is about to open in a new country or you simply want to build a team in a particular country, say France (because your partner is an obsessed Francophile and wants to visit there often). So you simply search for people with relevant interests and who live in France. You find leads, build a team and get to visit on tax-deductible trips. Again, this is made easy with the translator facility in the Unittus back office.

The real advantage of the Unittus platform is that unlike Facebook and Twitter and all the others, you can earn money from simply being involved and doing what you do on social media. There is a free membership and searches can be purchased as needed. And there’s a range of paid membership starting at just $10 a month, others at $34 and $59 but I opted into the Unittus Pro at $149 and this gets you earning money from the start. You can upgrade to this pack from the free membership but not the others so start free or go for the Pro membership from the beginning.

They have some great videos that explain the differences of the plans.

In essence, you are paid to build your network on Unittus as people see the value in searching for others to build their own networks. The relevance is high for marketers of any kind but you can find a life partner, create a community with a common interest or even plan your holidays to exotic locations by connecting with locals and doing some research for your trip. There are an unlimited number of reasons you might use a human-searchable database, even for non-commercial purposes. This means that Unittus will definitely grow and become more and more relevant as a social media platform.

Additionally, to give you a little insight into the future with Unittus, they are developing an advertising program where marketers will be able to target their promotional spend so sharply that it will make all other forms of advertising obsolete. Think about it. Even using Facebook ads you create a small banner ad that hopefully gets approved and you then pay for it to be thrown up into the database for all to see. Only that tiny percentage, typically about 0.02% of impressions get a response because the ads are not very highly targeted yet you pay for every 1000 impressions.

Facebook makes money and you struggle to make it worthwhile. And even if your ad is  successful, Facebook can tear you down in an instant for no reason other than a change in their algorithms. It happens plenty of times.

By comparison, imagine only promoting to those people who have declared their interests which you find relevant. You can geo-target down to your city or get specific about all sorts of things, just by refining your search using the various attributes people put in their profiles.

When Unittus gets sizeable, it’s going to be an awesome tool for online marketers and I have already found a few leads for my primary opportunity and am looking forward to see how it goes..

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