Inspirational video which might just change your life

Uncle Ray (Higdon) from MLSP posted an awesome video recently.

It’s all inspirational and motivational and I highly recommend watching it. I was standing on my sofa and cheering and hollering. (Well. Almost.)

Wasn’t that great?

He’s right on the money though.

We DO need to change to achieve our goals or we’ll keep getting the same old stuff and go on just hoping for a different result. It won’t happen.

The Eureka moment for me was the realization that I wrote about in my last blog.

Without time, money and health, you don’t have a life.

Was life meant to be this way?

Well not for most of the last 6 million years of our evolution and up until 10,000 years ago when some smart kid (he would have been in his teens) called himself King or Lord over ‘his’ people. He probably had a few mates who could provide the muscle in an early form of mafia or triad. He’d offer protection if they worked 24/7/365 to grow food, build a wall around the village (then a bigger one etc) and the villagers all worked to support him and his army.

Now wind the clock forward and we are still in the rat race working all our lives and for what? We define ourselves by our work and once we retire, most of us (males anyway) die early because we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We put in the hours, days, weeks,  months and years, pay taxes to support politicians for whom most of us didn’t vote to do things we didn’t ask them to do.

We’ve developed classes in our societies and glass ceilings and walls to slow, if not stop the lower classes moving upwards. The rich quickly learn to protect their wealth at all costs and they get richer while the poor can only entertain themselves by breeding. This condemns them to their poverty.

We are fooled into getting an education as the means to escape the poverty trap but who was it that said “I thought I wanted a career but all I really wanted was a regular paycheck”.

But there is an answer and Network Marketing is the Way.

You CAN reclaim your life.

Check out I Own My Life and decide if your future will be the same as your past.

What other opportunities are there where us ordinary folk can work hard for a few years and earn more each month than a doctor, lawyer or politician can in a year? And the weird thing is that it all starts from just a few people you know telling a few people they know and leveraging out from there.

Sure a few tools (like this blog and the tips and tricks in it) don’t go astray but it’s a really simple system and suddenly you find yourself running a business network of thousands of people all running their independent businesses in the way that you taught them. Maybe you even learned how from me.

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