Looking for Leaders – define your target well

I can never say enough about inviting others to take a look at your primary business opportunity but who you choose to invite is really important.

Planning for successRemembering that you are looking for a small but highly motivated team of like-minded people, it makes sense to choose wisely. Don’t ask the wood ducks and decoys. Don’t ask the depressed, nay-sayers and other negative people. Don’t ask the desperate and dateless or the long-term unemployed. I don’t mind people who have jumped from job to job or from network to network repeatedly but I do want to know why.  Undoubtedly their personality will provide clues as to whether they are actively advancing through better and better positions or are instigating conflict and being forced to move on.

Let me describe the people with whom I want to work:

I look for passionate people with a zest for life. They are innately happy or at least optimistic even if challenged by life’s hard times. I’d prefer a positive personality over an introverted, negative type who blames everyone, everything and the world in general for their misfortune.

Some of the values of those with whom I want to work are persistence, openness, determination, positive attitude, action-oriented, organized, TV-phobic (well sort of – they can’t be addicted to just mentally switching off in front of the idiot box for hours at a time). I even place those people passionate over spectator sports in the too hard basket unless they are already successful and have the free time to waste on watching others get fit and competing in games. I am looking for people with a real hunger to be financially independent and to create free time and live a high quality life.

I look for those with good to great communication skills yet are better listeners than talkers. They should value freedom, personal interactions, independence and helping others.

They must be open to new ideas and be coachable and willing to follow procedures even applying them to the management of their own lives (time and projects). Systems are crucial to duplication and so I separate those who are systems-oriented and still extremely busy (a good thing) from others who lack any systems and are over-whelmed with a mass of unprioritized tasks. One group is open to new projects and the other is swamped in their unorganized lives.

The reason that I look for busy people who appear to get lots done and may even enjoy some financial success is because they can feel challenged by the lack of free time and their relationships suffering. Life might be good as measured by the trinkets and toys but not in the quality time that we need in order to have no regrets on our deathbed. Life is about experiences shared with those close to us, not just monetary gains from a 24/7 expenditure of effort.

It has been said that the 3 Ages of Man are Sex, Power and Money. These are the predominating ideals so that in our youth we are chasing a life partner. In our middle years we seek power and status. As Elders we focus on money and financial security.

While there may be some truth in these divisions, the boundaries are blurring and the number of young millionaires and old new parents suggests another model is arising.

If you are independently wealthy, finding partners and gaining power are a lay down misere (absolute certainty).

So what’s it take to become financially free?

Inviting people to investigate your primary opportunity is the primary skill needed to succeed in network marketing. I recommend the Black belt Recruiting System from Mike Dillard and also Ray Higdon’s sponsoring course. I also suggest you read this related article on what not to do.

Having an effective system to take those you invite on a tour is the second most important step and I’ll address this process in another blog..

Master the art of sponsoring

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