Smart entrepreneurs have skills, a strategy and a system

Everybody knows that it is worth regularly analyzing your part-time, home based business, your skill set and the systems that you use to build a growing, residual income.

Isn’t it interesting that people will say; I would love to …(add in your choice of work) … but I just don’t have the skills eg I’d love to write apps but I just don’t have the skills or I would love to speak a new langauge but I don’t have the skill. But then they think that they can run a successful home business without the necessary skills or do it with out-dated, hard selling techniques that died with the foot-in-the-door insurance or encyclopedia salesmen.

Some people think that if they dive into the negatives of the economy; the global financial crisis; the unemployment rate; the competition for work; etc they can expect prospects to be all positive about their choice to join up. It doesn’t happen. You need skills to get through the sales filters we all have developed as mental insulation. You need skills to get prospects to ask for a presentation. And you need skills to train your growing team to replicate your methods.

But before I go on, let me tell you what happened to me: People often ask me, do I lead with the product or the business?

However, anyone who has been exposed to the best strategy in network marketing knows, you do not do either. They take an entirely different path and I’d like to explore this here as I believe that this is the best way to build your network marketing team. Let me know what you think at the end of the article.

There’s an old saying …… you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But I don’t believe this at all. I’m living proof. Recently I discovered a whole new way of thinking about network marketing which brought together my interests in direct sales, NLP, persuasion, influence and personal development.

You see I recently found Mark Januszuewski (aka Mark J) and his unique approach to communication. He pointed out that most people want more money, more free time and better health. Don’t you? Sure. Some people are OK with living a life of quiet desperation. You know the type. They just go to work at an uninspiring job, come home and watch TV or surf the Internet and they do little to nothing to improve their own lives or those of their family.

Most people are curious when they discover how to easily make a few hundred dollars every month from a part time business. Some get excited when they learn how to make a thousand dollars extra each month and they start imagining paying off their bills, taking vacations more often and getting healthy because life means so much more when we are charged with energy, a solid plan and defined outcomes.

Everybody knows that we are inundated with over 30,000 sales messages a day from TV, radio, billboards, spam, on-line ads, cellphone ads and more. As a result, we build very effective sales filters to protect our sanity.¬†How long does it take you to hang up the phone when you get a call at dinner time from someone in a developing country trying to be a telemarketer? 7 seconds? 3? I know I’m really fast. All it takes is “How are you today?” and they are gone.

We rely on our Reticular Activating System (RAS) in our brains to notice only what we want to see more of. If we want a new car we might zero in on car ads. If we are looking to buy a new washing machine, ads for retailers or specific white goods will be more noticeable to us.

From Mark J I learned to use the RAS and to employ new skills to get past those sales filters.

Most people talk about 3 things; their lack of money, the tough times we are living in and their challenges day to day. It’s usually the negative stuff that bogs them down and leaves them in that dark, miserable place.

So I now engage people in their troubles. I find out what bothers them most, I make them feel their pain, even to picture it continuing on and on. Then I lead them to a scenario where their problems are gone, life is fantastic and their future is amazing. Then I use the tools that I have learned to get them there using my dual network marketing opportunity (more on this in another blog).

This greatly expands my range of potential partners in my business. The system is also rejection-free, doesn’t embarrass or pressure and has a high probability of success. (Mark’s 3 rules of networking).

I also scope their expectations.

While it’s true that I am paid for the volume of sales going through my business each month, it takes time to build substantial commissions from any compensation plan. With the typical MLM you need four to five hundred people buying or joining every month to provide a few thousand dollars in commissions.

What you need to boost your income from your network is continuing growth and the bonuses that come from your team moving through the ranks.

Mark J has systems for this too.

One thing I’d like to share here is a gem that dropped out of one of Mark’s webinars recently.

The reason for the inactivity of distributors in your team is their INTEGRITY. They don’t do anything because they subconsciously understand that they just lack the skills to enroll and help other people succeed in their intended business.


Isn’t that just totally right?

Let me share the skills and the system that I learned from Mark (and Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter). I will be including more gems from them on this site (subscribe from the Home page if what I have written so far strikes a chord with you).

My new nutritional product called LIFE is also about to launch so I urge you to join me in promoting the way to change your life through network marketing. Remember, we have been network marketing since we were 5 or 6 years old when we recommended things, people, places and experiences we enjoy to others. You are eminently qualified and just need a few skills to make the financial side of the business easy.

Join up to The OzLIFE Network and work with me, hand-on as I guide and mentor you in how to direct your efforts and achieve your goals. I invite you to check it out.

If you really want to transform your life, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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