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Smart entrepreneurs have skills, a strategy and a system

Everybody knows that it is worth regularly analyzing your part-time, home based business, your skill set and the systems that you use to build a growing, residual income. Isn’t it interesting that people will say; I would love to …(add … Continue reading

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Getting Started in Network Marketing

I have been analyzing what we can say to those people we meet and who might be perfect for our business opportunity. Many new Distributors try to sell the product as they would in a traditional retail business and so … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Kill Your Network Marketing Opportunity

This is a terrific article which needs to be read by anyone in network marketing. There are also a heap of good articles at the site that I urge anyone in the industry to read. Having made the link above … Continue reading

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Here’s a social media platform that pays you for building community

Network marketers network. Sorry for stating the blatantly obvious but I wanted to present some thoughts on how we network and how we expand our reach. So this blog is about lead generation. Advertisement———————————————————————————————————————————————————— I recently investigated a new and … Continue reading

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Building a Big Business … One Step at a Time

The title of this blog comes from an article by Master Networker, Randy Gage and which appeared as a feature in a 1998 edition of Upline magazine. It’s still a good idea. Randy had an interesting strategy which he applied … Continue reading

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Make love, not war – Is prospecting offering solutions or preparing for battle?

I recently read a post by a network marketer who described their system of training prospects. They advised their downline to arm themselves to the teeth with an arsenal of literature and promotional tools and to go forth and make … Continue reading

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