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The title of this blog comes from an article by Master Networker, Randy Gage and which appeared as a feature in a 1998 edition of Upline magazine. It’s still a good idea.

Randy had an interesting strategy which he applied to build a huge network:

He maintained that network marketing is not a difficult business and only has 4 basic steps: contacting, inviting, presenting and follow up. He states that all the skills needed to build a million dollar business using these 4 steps could be learned in about 12 hours.

So why don’t more people do it?

Recruiting leaders

Randy explained that it is not a matter of skill but belief or more correctly, the maintenance of excitement that got the business owner to enrol in the first place. Somewhere along the way they lose their faith and the goal of significant wealth just slips away. It doesn’t need to.

One neat system he describes is to work on PV circles in order to focus on getting to the top.

This is easiest to explain with an example and I’ll use my primary opportunity for the details. First, get a commitment from the new marketer to a 100PV or $200 a month purchase which is four bottles on a freight-free auto-ship deal.  They will consume at least one bottle of our fine product over the month and possibly 2 with a partner. Secondly, they commit to selling the other 2 bottles at full retail pricing of $85 a bottle bringing in $70 profit.

Lastly, get the commitment and work with them to achieve the 3rd step. This is 100PV in wholesale sales which means a sign up of one new person a month on a 100PV auto-ship or at worst, 2 people on 50PV each.

And what has this accomplished?

Your new marketer has learned the skills of selling at retail AND enrolling a marketer themselves, probably from their warm market or circle of influence. You have begun to build by duplicating and the next step is to ask your first marketer if they could find 3 people to do exactly as they have done? Naturally, you also commit to getting 3 new sign ups.

This achieves some volume, excitement, momentum and starts building a team that works and grows together. It also build belief in the product and the system.

And what does it take to get three people into the business? The numbers are probably like this: Talk to 12, have 9 begin the process of learning the system to get your 3.

In my primary opportunity, beginning the process means getting people onto a website which explains the industry, the company, the product and the opportunity. Additionally, using online marketing methods finding 12 leads is easy so the numbers can stack up easily enough. And retail sales are a breeze with a high quality product which has a strong retention rate month on month. Another added feature of my primary opportunity is that we have Business Packs which can really add to the bonus dollars earned from a sale.

Now it’s just a process of building that Big Business.

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