Here’s a social media platform that pays you for building community

Network marketers network.

Sorry for stating the blatantly obvious but I wanted to present some thoughts on how we network and how we expand our reach. So this blog is about lead generation.

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I recently investigated a new and unique social platform which is growing rapidly in both membership and features and I see it carving out a niche from the other social media over time. You see this platform is based on providing a searchable human database so that you can find people with similar interests around the world (they have an excellent translator program).

The platform is called Unittus and it allows you to build your networks and community to enhance your connectedness. Most of us like to stay in touch with our friends and contacts and also to grow our circle of influence for any number of reasons.

You might want to hook up with people in your local area who are in business for themselves. Or you could look for opportunity seekers, realtors, financial planners or self-employed people in their career listing. Alternatively, you might look for those interested in health, nutrition, healthy eating, longevity, anti-ageing etc.

If your network marketing company is about to open in a new country or you simply want to build a team in a particular country, say France (because your partner is an obsessed Francophile and wants to visit there often). So you simply search for people with relevant interests and who live in France. You find leads, build a team and get to visit on tax-deductible trips. Again, this is made easy with the translator facility in the Unittus back office.

The real advantage of the Unittus platform is that unlike Facebook and Twitter and all the others, you can earn money from simply being involved and doing what you do on social media. There is a free membership and searches can be purchased as needed. And there’s a range of paid membership starting at just $10 a month, others at $34 and $59 but I opted into the Unittus Pro at $149 and this gets you earning money from the start. You can upgrade to this pack from the free membership but not the others so start free or go for the Pro membership from the beginning.

They have some great videos that explain the differences of the plans.

In essence, you are paid to build your network on Unittus as people see the value in searching for others to build their own networks. The relevance is high for marketers of any kind but you can find a life partner, create a community with a common interest or even plan your holidays to exotic locations by connecting with locals and doing some research for your trip. There are an unlimited number of reasons you might use a human-searchable database, even for non-commercial purposes. This means that Unittus will definitely grow and become more and more relevant as a social media platform.

Additionally, to give you a little insight into the future with Unittus, they are developing an advertising program where marketers will be able to target their promotional spend so sharply that it will make all other forms of advertising obsolete. Think about it. Even using Facebook ads you create a small banner ad that hopefully gets approved and you then pay for it to be thrown up into the database for all to see. Only that tiny percentage, typically about 0.02% of impressions get a response because the ads are not very highly targeted yet you pay for every 1000 impressions.

Facebook makes money and you struggle to make it worthwhile. And even if your ad is  successful, Facebook can tear you down in an instant for no reason other than a change in their algorithms. It happens plenty of times.

By comparison, imagine only promoting to those people who have declared their interests which you find relevant. You can geo-target down to your city or get specific about all sorts of things, just by refining your search using the various attributes people put in their profiles.

When Unittus gets sizeable, it’s going to be an awesome tool for online marketers and I have already found a few leads for my primary opportunity and am looking forward to see how it goes..

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