A disruptive business model

This might make you some money or it might not.

I recently discovered a company that has a focus on a favorite topic of mine: wealth. It also conforms to an exponential growth business as I discussed in my last blog.

So many of us need more information as to how to build wealth, how to improve our lifestyles and live an inspired, fulfilling life. I recently read a blog where the writer asked; “Why is it that many of us need to reach rock bottom before we are sufficiently motivated to make some significant changes in life and turn things around?”

We are also challenged with the $75,000 sweet spot between income and happiness. A study in the US showed that we are generally unsatisfied with our income and more likely to be unhappy until we get to $75K p.a. After this point, we are sufficiently satisfied with life and are earning enough to entertain ourselves with things and experiences to lose the urge to really change our financial strategies.

Entrepreneurs tend to be those rare individuals who chase a vision and for whom the sweet spot has little to no meaning. They just want to go on the journey.

The company that I have found help with the background information on wealth building and maintenance. They are essentially like a private club on a membership drive to find and help other entrepreneurs.


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