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This blog is about Moonshot thinking. It is about the mindset you need to have in order to do something in your life that changes the world (for the better that is).

Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler in their book Bold, write about exponential enterprises. They talk about mining asteroids, 3-D printers in space (on the International Space Station) and the kind of thinking that started Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook,, Uber, Airbnb, Virgin (insert any of Richard’s 300 businesses here) and so many others.

They describe 6 characteristics of exponential enterprises but before I delve deeper here, let me use one of the examples in Bold to describe the concept of exponential change. I also highly recommend that you invest the time in watching The most important video you’ll ever see. Set aside an hour and 10 and watch all 8 videos. I have. Three times now and I’ll definitely watch them again.

What I am excited about is the difference between linear change and exponential change.

Let me explain: If you take 30 steps, 1 metre apart, you’ll end up 30m away from your starting point. If you start from your front door, you’ll end up across the street. But take 30 exponential steps and you will have covered the distance to circle the planet at the equator, 13.4 times!!!

If you are considering a business for yourself, why not plan for a Moonshot rather than something that you build bit by bit. Sure. Incremental change can be compounded and 3 improvements you make of 10% each can be a 30% improvement overall. But thinking exponentially, you design systems and you develop concepts that must embrace radical ideas so that 10 times growth or more is not impossible but probable.

Here are Peter’s and Steve’s 6 Ds and how I see them relating to my world-changing project, OzLIFE which is taking a moonshot at boosting your personal finances, addressing time demands that constrain you and supporting your nutrition delivering health and well being:


1. OzLife will use the Internet as product support where replicated websites will not market OzLife, the company but the benefits to visitors of what I describe as the Antidote to Modern Food (and Life).
2. A distributor resource system with a state of the art back office including a fully functional, social networking platform, business tools, communication suite, all geared for on-selling to prospective entrepreneurs and freedom seekers.
3. Industry-leading training which dispels the myths of network marketing and challenges the reported industry statistics of a 95% failure rate of start ups. This on-line training embraces a series of videos, audios and written support material that guides, mentors and edifies a process that is rejection-free, does not pressure or embarrass and has a high probability of success.
4. The OzLife system will be easy to roll out globally, initially to English speaking countries but then using the digital power of Google Translate, to make the business and the product available to all. The product may even change in formulation to suit available ingredients with wild foods from the Americas, Africa and Asia adding to the Australian collection.


Tackling health head-on using the ancient food resources of the world’s longest living culture and wholistically addressing the principle challenges to our on-going health and well -being is disruptive. Medical diagnoses only define a disease when enough symptoms appear to actually label the condition. Treatment is symptomatic and generally relies on synthetic pharmaceuticals with a broad range of effects, many which can range from inconvenient to debilitating to lethal. (There’s that old joke; The treatment was a complete success but the patient died.) It is a linear approach: collective symptoms, defined disease, treatment of symptoms, hope that Nature heals the condition rapidly or eventually.

The exponential approach is far more powerful: Understand that disease is a progressive advance of small changes in cellular biochemistry with metaflammation (metabolic inflammation) at its core. Biochemicals such as Advanced Glycation End-products are  implicated as are enzymic modifications, toxins and a lack of essential micro-nutrients that fix them all.

Wild foods are the predominant way to address cellular, tissue, organ and system-wide reactions to environmental and consumed chemicals; poor quality foods; physical and mental stress; oxidative stress; too little or too much exercise or sleep; genetic pre-disposition; and more. Micro-nutrients delivered as Nature intended (in whole food form) are proving themselves essential for us to slow and even reverse the effects of ageing, control metaflammation and significantly and naturally extend our lifespan far beyond the 80.4 years for males and 84.1 years for females today. And these extra years will be vital ones as there is no purpose to a life in pain, demented or incapacitated.


OzLife will slip under the radar for some time yet. Conventional medicine is being challenged by other sciences such as nanotechnology, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, epigenetics, lifestyle medicine, metaflammation and more and yet wild foods have the power of 60,000 years of human trials proving their value to our on-going health.

Additionally, linear thinking and conventional business models are where product > production > marketing > promotions > rinse and repeat strategies are combined with advertising and high levels of wasted expenditure trying to find a sales cycle to match a market which fuels incremental growth. It is like a wheelbarrow in that if you do not keep pushing, it stops.

In contrast, the OzLife affiliate distribution model is targeted at exponential growth. One customer declares their desire to take the ‘Hero’s Journey’ to improve their health, wealth and free time and embrace the best life has to offer. They understand that the system is a 3-deep pattern of 1. learn by being shown and guided 2. Teach another to learn in the same way and while being taught to teach and 3. Teach their network to teach others fortifying the support structures while replicating the same 3-deep pattern to highly leverage time, money and effort and facilitate exponential growth. The idea is to teach others to train to teach and build their businesses without you.

OzLife competitors such as the makers of multi-vitamin supplements will not even suspect our advancing intent to put them out of business. Franchise business models where significant investments are made to establish an on-going return become uncompetitive with a method where to start has an insignificant cost with every business partner being highly motivated to succeed


Supplement companies, the disease-care industry, franchise offers, conventional bricks and mortar businesses become irrelevant. OzLife consumers learn to get their own consumable product at no cost to themselves and become a walking testimonial to a quality lifestyle, health and vitality. Word of mouth becomes the free advertising of tomorrow. Getting support is free in OzLife. Access to the process technologies comes at minimal to zero cost. Travel and lifestyle expenses become tax-deductible because this business can be run from where, when, with whom and even if you choose. Do things right once and you get paid over and over and recurring income becomes predictable as lifestyle choices also rise and costs become inconsequential.


Synthetic supplements and many pharmaceuticals may disappear. Many franchises will have less appeal. Some business support industries eg advertising agencies may also fail in time.


There are no limits to who can get involved and new industries will arise. Environmentally sustainable production of target species of wild foods will become established in ways that are far superior to modern agricultural practices that turn fuel into food. Indigenous people will reclaim their cultures should they choose or at least be valued for traditional knowledge and contributions to the preservation of resources we can still access. Mankind has the opportunity to embrace long term, eco-centric philosophies and survive the Anthropocene rather than ego-centric ones which have led to over-population, global warming, loss of biodiversity and massive environmental degradation. There may be lessons from OzLife that will influence agriculture of other foods as well as business models and the quality of life for a majority of us growing older as a population. We just might have the chance to have Homo sapiens earn the Latin meaning of their binomial name of ‘wise man’.

The offer:

Join me in this moonshot adventure and let’s see how much we can change the world.

Leave me your phone number in the Comment section below (I will not publish the number so your privacy is tight) and I’ll call to discuss how you can get involved.

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