Something old, something new

Hold the phone. Hang on a bit. As Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a’changing”.

I am in the process of moving my unique nutritional product to a new MLM home and at the same time I have been immersed in the business skills and mindset of Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and Mark Januszewski.

Firstly, my product is being prepared for the network marketing distribution platform with some new ingredients and potency so watch out for more on solving our modern nutritional challenges.

But the training I’ve been through. What an eye-opener.

Would it be OK if I told you more? Mark J has 3 rules for his business:

  1. What you do can’t pressure or embarrass
  2. It has to be rejection free and
  3. It has to work and work efficiently

How is that for a switch in the MLM industry?

Forget about pushy sales methods, hard closing, NLP manipulations and badgering people. Forget about collecting ‘NOs’ or just doing the numbers. It is not a matter of finding the right people or having ‘posture’ and arrogantly presenting a pitch trying to find leaders. As Tom says; “No theory, just facts that work.”

Mark’s methods are elegant and strategic, intelligent and considered. He stresses that like most endeavors, businesses, trades or training, network marketing is a skills based business. He says, “Systems don’t duplicate, people using skills and applying themselves as trainers who teach training are what duplicates.” Mark states the obvious in saying that McDonald’s systems don’t create more McDonald’s systems. They train people to apply themselves and teach managers to train staff how to provide a consistent product (I’m not calling it food you notice). The servers then train others as they move on to become managers themselves and some actually become store owners over time.

And there are other concepts that Mark and Tom cover. We are all challenged by information over-load, too many advertising messages which have been estimated to total around 30,000 impressions a day! Little wonder our subconscious mind arms us with powerful sales filters to protect ourselves, not just from the scammers, con men and snake oil pitchmen but from simple burn-out from too much data input. Look around the space in which you are sitting now and just observe the brands and logos within your sight. There’s the brand on your monitor, heaps on your screen, your smartphone, the pen you make notes with is probably labeled … there will probably be dozens.

So how do we get around the sales filters? Mark and Tom have skills for that.

I just found out that the beauty of this skills-based teaching is that simple processes take the work out of networking and make the whole process a lot of fun. And shouldn’t life be fun? I have also been reading Orison Swett Marden’s Joy of Living which I highly recommend. His writings can be summarized in one of Mark Twain’s classic lines: The way you live your days is the way you live your life. Think on that for a while.

Anyway. I will introduce more of Mark J’s and Tom’s trainings in future blogs. Meanwhile, you might like to invest in my Crowd Funding offer. Have a look and let me know.

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