Make love, not war – Is prospecting offering solutions or preparing for battle?

Mobile officeI recently read a post by a network marketer who described their system of training prospects. They advised their downline to arm themselves to the teeth with an arsenal of literature and promotional tools and to go forth and make their brand known by shear force of impact.

Respectfully, I don’t agree with this approach at all. It reeks of being desperate and needy. Moving around with cards, flyers, samples, brochures is almost like the old days of the cold calling salesperson jamming his foot in the door and laying siege to a household that has better things to do than listen to a sales pitch.

I agree with Mike Dillard and Mark Weisser in their Black Belt Recruiting system where they switch the whole approach 180 degrees. You need to simply be aware when you meet new people that you are looking for a particular type of person; someone who YOU would want in your business. It is NOT a matter of jumping on all and sundry begging them to “PLEASE be in my business – I’ll swamp you with paraphernalia and then you’ll have to join me and you can do the same”. No thanks.

If someone delivers great service; or is friendly and outwardly inviting; or is someone who is well connected and a maven to whom others are attracted – they are the ones that might graduate to your next step. Make contact. Compliment them on the characteristics that attract you eg “Firstname, thanks for that awesome service. You are really wasted here as a …………. I run a business in the area and perhaps you’d consider an opportunity that could be great for both you and me. Are you open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are doing now?”

Don’t leave cards/flyers/brochures/booklets/samples/thekitchensink. Forget any sales pitch. Hold back on anything that will have the person ducking for cover — Ahhh! it’s AmWaaay!! Run everybody! Save your children! Head for the hills!

Only kidding (sort of).

You are building a relationship and subtly interviewing the person for their suitability to work with you. There’s a lot more to know before even broaching the subject of product and in fact, the product couldn’t matter less at this stage. This might be the right time to end the conversation, let them know that you are busy at the moment and promise to get back to them at a specific time and day. Set a meeting or phone call and record the arrangement so it happens. Leave them with a sense of curiosity and anticipation for your next encounter. By appearing to be cool and laid back, unhurried yet busy in what you do, you add a dimension of ease, success and confidence. This is very attractive.

Most deals between someone with something of value and those who could benefit most from that thing are killed because there’s too much said before the information is gathered by the deal maker to ascertain just how to show the other party the best solution to their problems. And nearly everyone has problems. Not enough money, time, freedom, future options, quality lifestyle or choice. When looking for business associates, you need to know which of their problems are most acute and present. Where is the pain most real and is it intense enough that they are prepared to act to embrace a solution and how soon?

When you meet next, delve deep. If they say yes, they are open to a side project you might use the Ray Higdon strategy and ask where are they in life, what is the reason that they are open to a project at this particular time. Clarify that their answer is the truth – are they just saying they are open or are they really feeling the challenge they have described? Push a little to paint the scene of where they are now and how they’ll be in the same, if not a worse place, if they do nothing. How many of their friends are in the same position? What are their long term options and how much of their life have they extravagantly spent in this situation? Is change a priority now? Are they really committed?

From this point, it becomes a matter of degree. If they are interested in a better life but not willing to change because …….(any reason is as poor as the next) … then help them learn more about the network marketing industry and at least get them into MLSP or Magnetic Sponsoring or The Renegade Marketing System or even Unittus– anything to help self educate and earn a few bucks (for them and you) in the process.

If they are clearly challenged by health issues, I would refer them to a unique nutritional which is my primary business opportunity as a customer and I’d stay in touch over the next few months to gauge the benefits to them of upgrading to a distributor. This might still be a process of education sending articles, links to interviews and videos as part of this sub-system. If appropriate, The Wild Weightloss Way™ might provide the impetus for them to get on the product and see what happens over the next 90 days.

But if they are ready to make the significant moves to make a difference in their lives then they enter your funnel that takes them from prospect to Independent Business Operator with the minimum of fuss. Making use of a pre-qualifying tool here is a valuable step as it simultaneously educates, edifies, engages and empowers your prospect in understanding the industry, the company, the product and the opportunity.

sales pitch-free zoneVoilà. From brief encounter to qualified distributor without any blood spilled (yours or theirs) nor using any flyers, brochures, samples or hard selling. Networking in the  21st Century.

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