Getting Started in Network Marketing

I have been analyzing what we can say to those people we meet and who might be perfect for our business opportunity. Many new Distributors try to sell the product as they would in a traditional retail business and so they focus on the benefits and features of their product hoping to find someone for whom the product is a solution to a problem.

This is tough going.

The following approach comes from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and his student Mark Januszewski and the psychology behind the ice breakers is very clever:

During the early conversations you have with a potential distributor, you might say …

I just found out .. or Most people get excited when they learn …

… how to get a $500 a month raise without asking your boss
… how to get an extra month’s pay for just 7 hours a week
… how to fire the boss and start our own business
… how we can stay home with our kids and still earn a full-time wage
… how you can retire 5 years early and still get your full pay
… how we can work for just 3 weeks a month and still get paid for all 4
… how we can take a week holiday every month And not have to stay with family
… how to earn $50,000 a year tax free
… how to get out of University with no HECS debt
… how to earn more part-time than your lecturers, professors and even the Vice Chancellor of the Uni do full-time
… how housewives can earn more part-time than their husbands do working full-time
… how we can lose that dire need for a Nanna nap in the afternoon and feel great all weekend instead of catching up on sleep

If you ever want to know how, I’d be happy to tell you more but in the meanwhile …(go do something unrelated)

So what happens next?

Most people will stop you from going off and doing that unrelated something. They will be begging you for an explanation. Asking you for your presentation. And how easy is it to then take them to the next step? This might be a link to a website, a CD or DVD presentation or a follow up meeting.

Another way into a specific conversation about your opportunity is to begin with a compliment and follow with a question:

You are extremely personable and people would be naturally attracted to you. I run a small business in the area and can I ask; are you open to an opportunity to earn a second income if it didn’t interfere with what you are doing already?

Or another one of Tom’s:

If I helped you start your own part-time business and then you got to retire two years later, would you send me a ‘Thank You’ card?

You might even follow this up with; “Tell me, what is it that you’d like to know next?”

I hope that the above helps you if you are just starting out in this great industry.

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