Re-thinking your future – job or boss?

I recently responded to a request for information on writing resumés for job applications for those people who see the New Year as a reason to change jobs. The journalist targeted Uni or College students about to enter the workforce and employed people wanting to move ‘up the ladder’ of corporate life or take on a more challenging, better paid position in a private company.

It made me think of the consequences and I responded with the article below. Please note that it is for an Australian readership so the term HECS is a Government user-pays loan system (Higher Education Contribution Scheme). Other countries have their equivalent educational loan systems.

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Graduating CollegeIf you are just out of University and looking for your first full time job, you probably have two ‘rewards’ for graduating: The first is a monster HECS (student loan) debt and the 2nd is a 45 year sentence of hard labour before you can even think of retiring.

If you are already employed, indebted with mortgage, car loan, credit card debt and more you might be a little uncertain about the security of your job in 2013.  There’s the mining boom morphing into a whimper; the slow death of the retail economy; public debt measured in billions and politicians of little ability or willingness to fix things and just digging the hole deeper by printing more money.

Rather than prostitute yourself to another boss, you might consider going back to college to get more qualifications. Unfortunately, this is probably worse than useless if the line of over-qualified PhDs competing for a Help Wanted ad in a Greasy Spoon eatery is any indication. The harsh reality is that the jobs do not yet exist that might employ new college entrants once they graduate with their HECS debts and high expectations.

So why not start your own business and be your own boss. Do it right and you might design a business where you work where and when you want, with whom you want and sometimes even IF you want. Sure. It will take some hard effort up front but there is a way to get into business for under $5,000 and be coached, supported, guided and guaranteed into a successful business. There is a way to get into business for minimal cost, run it part-time until you match or exceed your full-time job income and then cut yourself free to live the life most people only dream about.

This will not appeal to those with an employee mentality. Most people have big dreams and wish for the big incomes, owning their home out-right, traveling the world or living the life. However, some people don’t do anything about it. You know the type. They would rather work their job, have the weekends to do what they can with the energy they still have after the monotonous 9 to 5 (or 8 to 6) of the work week. These people prefer to watch TV, go to the pub or socialize with their mates, be a spectator on other people’s lives and more often complain about their lot than do anything about it. These people will be surprised when they reach the end of their days only to realize they dreamed about their goals their whole lives and now only have the regret over not achieving them. These people tip-toe from birth to death and rarely make a real difference.

Starting your own business allows you to take control. Make a difference in your own life and that of the people you know, like or love. Many people are doing this and grabbing life by the horns, shaking and being amazed at the possibilities and the reality of making big dollars in a mentored business.

Before you re-work your resumé or scan the job ads, think of where you’ll end up if all you do is rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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