Own Your Own Life – Network your Way to Wealth

If you don’t have time, money and health then you don’t have a life.

I recently discovered Don and Nancy Failla’s great online service for networkers. Have a look at this link. The interesting shift in my recent success is due to my constant reading of other peoples’ successes.

The Failla’s ask the question, if you add up the time you commute, work, sleep and do the essential daily chores how much time is left for you to do what you love doing? 1 hour? 2 perhaps? A few hours a day is all your life amounts to with maybe a few extra hours on weekends – if you are NOT in a traditional business for yourself.

Is this any way to live?

Even with the luxury of free weekends, are we mentally free of the stresses of paying the mortgage, car loans, credit card debt and if there’s enough saved for a rainy day or an annual vacation (if you’re lucky)? Those bills keep pouring in and there’s always too much month at the end of the money.

However, network marketing is the answer. Here’s an industry that’s available for anyone. It costs maybe a few thousand dollars to start and often much less on a slower track. There’s zero to little risk and you are not over-burdened with costs of traditional businesses to cover staff, rent, inventory or other overheads.

The Failla’s also shift your focus in presenting your primary opportunity to others. Rather than offer your product and promote the benefits they describe themselves (as I have adopted also) as Lifestyle Trainers.

Who wouldn’t want a guide to a high quality lifestyle?

Now the task is to introduce the business model as the vehicle to true wealth. And the book, The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life is the perfect tool for this. I recommend the Kindle version or the audio book if you still commute to your full-time job.

Get a copy for your Kindle or read it in the Kindle Cloud.

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