The 45 Second Presentation – the Keys to Network marketing

A long time ago, I heard the adage that when the student is ready, the master will appear. Now maybe this is just the fact that reading lots, meeting other professional networkers and listening to interviews etc eventually leads to a definitive work that means more because of your knowledge and experience than it would had you found it earlier.

As we learn, our brains form neural pathways which get reinforced by the experience of our truths and ideas. One reason being offered for mental diseases of ageing such as senile dementia is that we use our brains less as we get older simply because of our experience gained over our lives. The more experience we have, the less we need to think and the more susceptible to mental illness we become.

Anyway. The point is that new information gets compared to the existing body of work we can define as our knowledge and if it fits then we accept it. If it is almost a fit, we might accommodate it and expand our neural network to embrace this new concept. If the information is very different then it is more work to see if we are to integrate it into new patterns or reject it as unpalatable (neurologically speaking) or irrelevant.

I guess I have been looking for the routines, the processes or the strategies and tactics which fit my existing ideas of learning enough to be able to teach anyone to earn a healthy six figure income.

And I found it a few days ago.

It was like stumbling across buried treasure. Or at least a map to the Mother Load.

So let me share what I have found and see if you are in a position to use the map and find the spoils.

The information is in a book called the 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life by Don Failla

Get the book and read the first 4 chapters. It will change your life if you are serious about having a better lifestyle than you do now. I’m handing you the map. You now have a choice: Use it and get wealthy or leave the treasure where it is buried and go back to your current life. However, it is worth asking yourself if you can expect to retire from what you are currently doing in say, 1 to 3 years AND maintain an income of $50,000pa or more, on-going. Most people stop working at the end of their careers on a tiny retirement payout and never see the sort of money they were earning in their recent past. They have plenty of time to do the things they have dreamed about but just don’t have the money to do them.

Our business model of network marketing is the only means for anyone to start earning part-time, build a network from a base of a half a dozen people and within 12 to 36 months create a residual income that makes 9 to 5 jobs pale into insignificance. It lets you own your life.

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