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Are you struggling with your network marketing business?

Does it all seem too hard to get started? Do you love the product but apart from a few recommendations, are you just making pocket money and not even covering the product cost? Do the stories online of 5 and 6-figure per month earners seem like fiction and just too out there for you to relate to you earning this sort of income?

It doesn’t need to be hard and you can be successful.

I strongly recommend Mark Yarnell’s book, Your First Year in Network Marketing: Get your copy now and read, highlight, make notes, do whatever
you need to do to extract the valuable information he delivers.

Sure. The statistics of business failure is the same for bricks and mortar businesses as it is for network marketing (97% fail in the first 12 months, 80% of the rest fail in the next 5 years). So perhaps it is worth studying what the businesses that make it do and what it is that the rest do not do.

Perhaps you might even notice that the ranks of the network marketers that make it are growing each year. If you are a member of MLSP you will notice the rise of a good number of new and successful networkers who become trainers in that lead generation system.

So what might be a good plan. I use my network marketing card as a key part of a system for qualifying leads so take a look and see if it fits the way you work or would like to work:

One side has the branding of my primary opportunity, my contact details and a link to the company’s on-line marketing system. This is a 3 page website which consists of an initial introductory page on the industry, the company, the product and the opportunity. The second page delivers the same information in a short, 40 second video for the visual learners (70% of us). The third and final page is a form for details for more information and an important tool. This is a survey which allows me to understand how serious my prospect may be and what values they have. Building rapport and delivering the right opportunity (product or business) is easy from here.

There are auto-responders which get sent out on form submission which direct the prospect to my replicated website and I always stress that they should at least go to the testimonials before spending too much time lost in the depths of the main site. I promise to take them on a tour later.

The other side of my business card marketing system is the following:

Are you living a great life?This is more for those people who are ready to improve their lot. Perhaps they are in a transition between jobs or are even recently unemployed due to the economy. Or maybe they are at a point in their lives when free time, financial independence and a high quality life become important. Whatever the reason, it is for those who see life as more than just a job and a mediocre existence.

The link takes them through the process of education on network marketing, wealth strategies and getting a life.

Both systems work well and as a fall-back position I use MLSP and Magnetic Sponsoring as a means to capture those who may already be in a network business but see the value in learning more.

If you like my system or have your own, please add your comments below.

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