Do You Need Motivation or Inspiration to Succeed?

Leading your teamAny networker with a few people in their downline will one day wonder what it takes to get some people to recognize that they only have a short time on this planet and just one time around. Imagine lying on your death-bed and thinking back over your life and scoring your results. Will you be happy with your life? Did you live the best life you could?

Alternatively, come back a few years and consider the time when you would like to retire from your daily job. Do you have enough as savings, investments or on-going income to last you and your family for the next 20 years?

Now come back to this moment. How will you change things from this point on?

You probably have a goal for yourself to succeed and have joined up into a network marketing company (try mine if you are looking). You may have learned to invite and sponsor and you might have created the start of a downline. These people in your team have bought into your solution to their current problems and challenges.

However, the days, weeks and then months pass and there’s little action from some (most?) of them. Sure. Product moves and people rave about it and maybe even recommend it to others but as for building an excited, actively growing team of people on fire – it just doesn’t happen.

There’s a reason for this.

What you have neglected to do is two important things,

1. How good are your systems?

2. How well do you motivate and inspire.

I have described the system I use in this blog so I’ll address Point 2 here:

Maybe you focused on the product (and were successful in that they bought some) and sold it at retail so you made some money. Maybe your product is good (like mine) and you get regular sales on-going but that’s not what this business is all about.

Marketing is about creating desire and if you do this well then selling becomes redundant. If, like me, you are into a nutritional product then being passionate about recommending your product and passing on testimonials about how you and others have solved their particular health problems by using your product may be enough to help your new contacts. The same is needed to showcase the real power of network marketing and deliver the lifestyle and time and financial freedom that this industry can bring.

If you are having lackluster results in getting your team to build the desire for this outcome then perhaps it is the systems you use (or may not even have in place).

What you didn’t do is to inspire your team members to duplicate a system that motivates them to set, chunk down and achieve their goals. You may not have used a portal that informs, educates and edifies people and takes them to the next level of life awareness. I use the generic system of Don Failla. Check it out here. That site has a link to my second online marketing system which is product specific so see if you can find the link. (Clue: try the ‘and More’ nav link on the home page).

But before you go there, imagine being financially independent. Imaging having the free time to travel, contribute, build strong friendships and to grow personally. We have 6 basic human needs: certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth and contribution. A rich life can deliver all these values.

You have no doubt read or heard about the successful marketers who make fantastic monthly incomes through the power or leveraging other people, their money and time. It works because they deliver value to their clients. Leverage is the key to win:win:win deals where everyone walks away getting exactly what they want.
leveraging time, money and effort
There are many examples of network marketers making 5 and 6-figure monthly incomes that you know it’s possible. So what if it’s only the top 3 or 5% on the industry. Isn’t that the way with traditional business too? The top 5% of the world’s wealthy use leverage well. They inspire those who work for and with them. They create the desire in others to be a part of their activities.

Those who act on this inspiration are those people who are sufficiently motivated to do so. NLP tells us that these people are either moving away from a negative situation or towards a better outcome. Success strategists the tell us that we need to enjoy the process of moving too and success can be defined as the progressive realization of a worthy goal.

We need to specifically, carefully, thoughtfully and deeply define that goal and then begin to work backwards as if we have already achieved it to clarify the steps needed to get there.

I stressed the nature of goal setting required because most people rarely think enough about their ‘worthy goal’. It’s more often, “I want to stop the bills accumulating each month” or “I want to be able to pay off my debts” or “I want to have enough to go on a holiday” or whatever. These are poor goals. Do they even sound worthy? No.

The idea is to really work it.

For example, my goal is to help people understand that our modern foods are failing at addressing our nutritional needs. Wild foods have supported the longest living culture on the planet for some 60,000 years and they give us a guide as to what real food is all about. My primary opportunity is based on a product that includes these nutritionally dense wild foods. However, having developed a product which is the only antidote to modern foods I now shift my life’s goal to it’s more important outcome.

Using this Rolls Royce of nutritional products, I will use the leverage of having other people rave about the benefits they have received from my product to build a network business that rewards those who effectively spread the word and the opportunity that the product delivers.

Does feeling better, looking good, mental clarity, lots of energy and a positive outlook on life sound good to you? What if I then threw in ample income and the prospect of a great life of your choosing? There’s motivation.

What I now need to do is inspire you to act.

Knowledge and information is useless if there’s no action.

I have been with Aboriginal informants in Outback Australia and the women have shared secrets of their knowledge about plants and animals that are eons old. Medicines, healing plants, nutritious foods. I once asked with all this amazing wealth, why aren’t others commercializing these gems? The reply was that they only tell those who will respect the knowledge. If their children and grand children are not interested in doing the right thing with the knowledge then they are simply not told about it.

How will you inspire and motivate your team?

Frequent contact is important. Encourage your team members to call you so that you work with those who want to work. Zig Ziglar humorously said that his dentist once told him to only floss the teeth he wanted to keep. It’s the same deal here.Knowledge is useless to those who don’t want to know.

But for those who do ask for help, find out what is important to them. Ask for their goals. remind them often of these and ask them if they are on track. Are they enjoying the process, the successive achievement of their worthy goals.

If you want to join me then click here and go through my system.

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