Speed networking – dating for business people

I am continuing my report on the recent business forum I attended and which focused on speed networking.

The speed networking exercise was run by Natalie Moutia from Success Women’s Network. This gave me other insights too. Few of us really had our elevator pitch designed with the other person’s needs in mind. People spoke of their services, not necessarily the outcomes or any emotional results for the recipient of that service. Lots of people pitched concepts such as ‘I will help you make money’, ‘get more sales’ or ‘invest money more wisely’ but vague outcomes are impossible to emotionalize and so we do not buy into them. What made it even less plausible was that those pitching were at the function straight from work and none was dressed as though they could do for themselves what they promised for others. They seemed if not desperate (and dateless?) then at least needy.

Perhaps more personal outcomes may have been more convincing. Here is my 30 second elevator pitch:

‘I can show you how to pay off your home, go on vacations often and to more exotic destinations, buy a new luxury car or contribute to environmental or social organizations to help them do the things you feel are important.

My business revolves around a nutritionally dense, whole food product based on Australian wild foods in a blend with over a dozen global superfoods.

This means that we can help you get healthy, help others do the same and really make a difference in the lives of all those we reach, both physically and financially.

Are you open to a side project that won’t interfere with what you are doing now and that you can do part-time to achieve these goals?’

That’s the crux of what I do. However, I realize that networking, like dating, needs a relationship developed first before you get into bed together (for business or pleasure).

In the flesh, I approach leads like this:

Step 1. Ask what it is that they do and if they really enjoy their work now. Ask if they have free time and are living their best life. Get a little philosophic and ask about their future. Really try to pull out their current workload, future plans and family situation. It’s a date so get to know them first. I take my time (never do more than kiss on the first date) because I look to build trust and rapport and I need to know if I want to have them on my team as much, if not more than finding out if they see a fit.

Step 2. Ask; “[Name], would you be open to a side project if I can show you a way that it would not interfere with what you are currently doing now?”

Step 3. Use their answer to ask why are they interested, ask more questions about challenging areas in their life now and in the short term that might be causing stress and concern. Is time or money lacking? Is life slipping away or the economy having undue negative influence? Are they working harder now than they were 5, 10 or 20 years ago? Do they have a plan for the future or are they just wishing it will get better?

Step 4. Ask about their health. Are they at their ideal nutrition, weight and fitness? Is there room for improvement?

Step 5. Ask; “Do you realize that modern foods are moving away from the real nutrition we need for our ideal health? What if I could show you a way to get really healthy, lose weight easily if you need to and make a healthy income helping others to do the same? Imagine what it would be like to wind back the clock on your age and help others to regain their years too. What would it be like to also be rewarded for helping us expand our ability to benefit people who may be suffering from nutritional diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, organ diseases, chronic fatigue, mental conditions … the list goes on. My question is do you want to get into a business that makes a difference in your own and in other people’s lives?

Step 6. Imagine if you could discover a business training process that really worked for you and the team you build. What if you could run this global business from anywhere in the world and traveling domestically or internationally became a tax deductible pleasure for you?

What would you do with a few thousand dollars a month from your part-time referral network or even if you take it more seriously and go on to 5 figures or more each month. How would this change your life?

Imagine being debt-free and having the money you now pay your landlord for rent or pay the banks for your mortgage, personal loans and car finance all staying yours to spend as you wish. Picture how you would spend your days living a quality life with your significant other or family with plenty of free time and money to spend.

We were conned that it is necessary to enslave ourselves working so hard to get nowhere. Most of us spend full time with borrowed funds demanding interest be paid 24/7 while we only work part time. Most of us work 3 to 4 days just to pay the bills and a day or less for ourselves. We battle to get ahead and often there’s too much month at the end of the money.

What if I could begin to change this and improve your lifestyle even by helping you earn just 10% of what if would take to make you debt-free? That’s more out of your income for you and I help to get this for you while making a positive contribution to those with whom we come in contact. This is why my team is excited to work with me and why you should join us.

From here I simply hand over my card with my prospect qualifying website, explain what they’ll discover on that site and ask when they’ll have time to visit so I can follow up.

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