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I recently went to an interesting business forum looking for leads and came away with some great tools and insights and an idea to train my own team in my primary opportunity.

Firstly, there was Jane Winter from who presented some useful aspects of NLP and how we often de-program people with our words. We can instil behaviour and outcomes that we really don’t want.

Have you ever said to your prospects “Let’s get started then and see how you go.” or “Just try it for 30 days and decide later.” or “Use it for a while, a bottle lasts a month and get your own testimonial from the results” or any introduction that suggests the short-term, delaying a decision or not making a real commitment.

Better you should say: “Assuming we go ahead and work together …” Or “My team sticks with me for years because of the training I do.” Or “Whilst you may want to start working with me straight away, let’s go through the value I provide.” Or “Imagine working in my team where we each support one another to succeed in achieving health outcomes or financial ones.”

Jane went on the describe a few other power words we all need to use to future-pace our presentations: notice, imagine, realize, discover.

Eg. Imagine if you could discover a training process that really worked – for you and the team you will build. How would this change your life?”

And some more influential words: your prospect’s name (used with positive comments only); please and thank you; because; now; new; and when.

We then went on to an extremely enriching bout of speed dating – no, wait up – I mean speed networking. It’s the same thing in a way but you can be more calculating. We had a drink in our hands, the aim of creating a relationship and we each spoke about ourselves to see if there was a fit.

I worked at incorporating the power words above into my pitch and we formed a large parallel horseshoe shape of people with one line the shakers (they stayed in their positions) and movers who took one step to the next person on every minute. We pitched our stories for 30 seconds, someone called ‘SWAP’ and the other person in each pair gave their pitch. The call ‘MOVE’ meant that the line of movers moved on and the last mover on the end walked around to the beginning of the line.

There were lots of cards handed across which was a learning exercise in itself.

So many people either didn’t have cards (obviously they weren’t serious networkers); some had stylish cards with lots of design elements but little information so they had to explain who they were and what they did; some had their websites on the cards but you knew that you’d never go there as I forgot what they did even by the following morning. The best networkers had their key deliverable on their cards or a way to effectively find more information in the shortest possible time.

To use my own card as an example, I state my association with my primary opportunity brand and describe it as the antidote to modern foods. I have a high-lighted URL to my own pre-qualification website which describes the industry, the company, our products and the opportunity in several ways (written and audio/visual) before a survey ties up the prospect’s information with their most desired outcomes from my opportunity.

I realized that I needed more information on my own cards and which I’ll add to the back of the card asap. This will be more on the why of the product and the business in a simple, sticky, bullet point list.

To give you an idea of my meaning here, what I am thinking is the following:

Kakadu – the antidote to modern foods.

  • healing, anti-ageing, peak performance
  • healthy, easy, permanent weight loss system
  • build on-going wealth and free time
  • live a high quality life – you only have one

Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below.

I’ll write more on the speed networking exercise in a following blog.

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