What are the numbers needed to earn a reasonable (extra) income?

John Fogg from the Conversations with networkers associated with his book, 21 Greatest Networkers in the World reports some interesting stats on the numbers behind successful networkers.

You might consider these as a way to understand what commitment you need to have to be in this class of individuals – the home business gurus.

Randy Gauge ball-parked the following: 60% of those you enroll will be product users who just want to buy at the wholesale discount from the RRP. The next 30% are opportunistic social recruiters, people who will recommend the product and possibly the business opportunity but only when the time is right. They are not pro-active nor do they see the (small) income as a high priority for themselves.

The remaining 10% are the professional networkers and who produce most of your volume and make you the most money. To subdivide this group, there will be a much smaller number who are way out in front of the pack and it is these people who will make you a millionaire.

Mike Dillard, in his excellent ebook, Magnetic Sponsoring, defines networkers into 3 groups too. He calls them betas, pre-alphas and alphas.

Betas are essentially the same as the 60% described above and the pre-alphas might be the 30% and also the lower producing portion of the 10% of performers. The smaller part of the 10% are the alpha males and females who are the true pro networkers.

If you decide to grow your business in the shortest possible time, you need to sort your  leads for the alphas and let the rest take care of themselves.

The next interesting  discovery are the low numbers of networkers it takes to drive the big incomes. Many networking gurus of the ilk of Dillard, Misser, Higdon and most in Fogg’s book mentioned above, state that less than 8 people were at the core of their respective businesses and usually this was less than 4. It was just a few people that took the gurus from rags to riches simply because of their ability to bring thousands of others with them.

The challenge remains that in order to find these key networkers, it is necessary for you to bring on hundreds into your primary opportunity yourself and these numbers are usually the betas or the 60 percenters.

What this tells us is that we need to perfect the skills of introducing or inviting, recruiting and training to build substantial incomes while waiting for the key people to discover you.

I strongly recommend listening to this audio by David Woods on this topic and also getting this tool from Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring organization. It is an essential package for anyone planning to succeed in MLM.

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  1. One networker featured in John Fogg’s first Greatest Networker book, was Linda Proctor.

    Linda asked the people who became her upline mentors, “What does it look like to earn $100,000 a year?”

    They said, “Help six people earn $2,000 a month.”

    Linda asked, “What does it look like to earn $1 million a year?”

    And they said, “Help six people earn $100,000 a year.”

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